Saturday, March 13, 2010

Get Another Love

Happy Saturday! It is nonstop raining in the city today! Could nature be laying the ground work for Spring? Today I am feeling this remarkable song by Chantal Curtis. She was French but made incredible New York disco soundings records like this raw and classic "Get Another Love". A song with amazing driving beats that sets her incredible voice ablaze and the beautiful use of the harmonica during the song breaks. I have rarely heard harmonica used in disco song before and here it works fantastic. I found out that Chantal also recorded under the name Michelle for West End records and the music she made around that time was very "street". Chantal had a tragic ending when I found out she was murdered by her boyfriend during the mid 80's. She also recorded another smash disco song ironically called "Hitman" in '79 from the same album which is also considered another disco classic.

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