Monday, March 22, 2010

Voce Abousou

It's Monday. the rain is back and it's back to work!...but can't complain with such gorgeous weather we had recently. Today I'm posting a song that's been in my head lately "Voce Abousou" by one of my favorite least known disco bands called The Brothers. This song is from their 1976 LP called Don't Stop Now. I've heard "Usted Abuso" in Spanish before, interpreted by the iconic Celia Cruz and Willie Colon. The spanish version is the ultimate transcendental salsa song considered to be a Latin American anthem with it's bitter sweet theme of abused love. This song also has a been interpreted as a political cry for all the abuses suffered in Latin America. The version featured here is lighter, airy with a sweet disco feel interpreted in Portuguese by none other than Vicki Sue Robinson. Totally Miami Beach circa 1977. I simply love the orchestration of this song with it's vivid horns and instrumental breaks. Bravo to The Brothers! Enjoy

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