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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Winter '16 Mix

Drawing by Jack Rivas

It's time for a Glamjack Mix. Life takes over and as far as music, I have been mostly focusing on re-mixes and re-edits for the past six months. Here are some of the things that I've been reacting as of lately. Hope you enjoy them! Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and Holidays from Disco Monk!

Saturday, November 26, 2016


Binary madness indeed with with this Re-Edit of Kasino's  "disco not disco track with some other elements and breaks. It's feeling a bit schitzo but there is something about it that I'm loving right now. Enjoy

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

David Mancuso: 1944-2016

David Mancuso. Photo; Peter Hugar
A huge loss in music and the dance music community.  This man started a movement and  created the most purist form of playing records. His style influenced the greatest DJs. He played records like no one else.  You will be missed David Mancuso. Love Saves The Day!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Situation: Happy Hallows Eve

Happy Halloween disciples of the land of body shacking grooves! Here is one I always associate around this time of the year! It was totally groundbreaking and set the bar for the next wave of dance classics with Francois Kevorkian doing his dub magic from Vince Clarke and Alison Moyet's classic.  This was music collaboration made in heaven. Enjoy!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Wide Boy Awake: Life and Death on the New York Dance Floor 1980-1983

 Happy Friday! Here is an amazing track from 1982 by Wide Boy Awake inspired by the readings of Tim Lawrence's fabulous book  Life and Death on the New York Dance Floor 1980-1983. The book is a thorough account about that pivotal and vibrant time period in NYC where art, music, nightlife and theater meshed together brilliantly creating such a seamless cultural mosaic.  At its core,  the book explores the synergistic communal party and the simultaneous places that sprouted creating a tsunami of new ideas out of the intrinsic need to create new idioms in the midst of a social-economic decaying landscape which ironically became the blueprint that set the stage for everything else that followed after during these dynamic three years in music and art in the city. A time when cultural elitism seemed to no longer play by the rules, where everything seemed possible, cross-pollination was encouraged while embracing diversity and validating the fringe as a force to reckon with.  The book is full of incredible well researched and beautifully written 600 pages giving the reader a real glimpse of what the city was like during a time where the dance floors became not just a place for escapism but a symbol of the ingenuity and purity of creation out of a need for something new and Utopian.
I was was fortunate to meet Tim during one of his events promoting the book at MoMa where they showed the film Downtown 81 followed by a panel consisting of legends such as Johnny Dynell, Fab Five Freddy, Ann Magnuson, Glenn O'Brien, Patti Astor and Michael Holman.  The book  it's such a fun read full of anecdotes from several players of that time ear and filled with amazing playlists.  I highly recommend it just like his other brilliant offerings such as Love Saves the Day and Hold On to your Dreams: Arthur Russell and the Downtown Music Scene, 1973-1992.  Thank you Tim signing the book and for being our very own cultural anthropologist.  Congratulations! I'm so looking forward to the house music one!

As someone who arrived in NYC in 1994 at a time where the city was undergoing another "evolution", where "post" everything seemed to permeate, real state was already taking over and "quality of life" was beginning to inject its venom. New York City downtown culture was already a global brand.  Yet the excitement of this tsunami was still showing its last rippling effects. Big clubs were still going strong, there was Body & Soul at Vinyl, Shelter, The Roxy, The Tunnel, Limelight, Palladium, the Sound Factory,  house music was at its commercial peak and you could go and listen to Frankie Knuckles on a Friday night and of course there was always Jackie 60 keeping the downtown torch alive!  The torch might dim at times yet it's still alive and thriving because it will always be essential to the life of New York City.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Madrugada Eterna

Welcome to October! Fall is already upon us and lately I've been listening to some cool '90s ambient. Here is a remix from Mark E's Cosdall Junior overlapped with KLF's "Madrugada Eterna" sprinkling it with a brand a jungle whistle from Colombia that I just received as a gift! I was told that the whistle is used to send message between tribes! I ended the remix with the original Club Remix of Madrugada which is really great. Enjoy!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Law & Order

Just finished watching the debate and these are the two songs that inspired it! The break from Law and Order is brilliant. The message of "Just as Long as I have You" sealed the deal. Both by the Love Committee which is what we need right now! Enjoy


and ending with this one of course....

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Poema (Glamjack's Wouldn't Be The Man Mix)

Photo: Diane Kosup. 2001
Here is one from the CD vaults.  I have been rediscovering some hidden gems upon listening to some from 2005 that probably were never logged digitally even though they were actually created digitally! Where I made a loop out of a Leo Dan classic song, added a poem from I don't even remember where evolving into "Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight" by Dominatrix. I'm probably not making any sense this late in the evening but here it goes Enjoy!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Dancing Therapy

Here is the Italo Disco tune "Dancing Therapy" from  German outfit International Music System (IMS). I would be lying if I say that It hasn't been a rough month dealing with family and natural disasters.  In time like this one must appreciate we are all alive and healthy and that is all that matters the most in the end. It's amazing how we as human are wired to accept and adapt to change even when we least expected, specially when we are set in our ways! In the end,  all we can do is learn from it, evolve and move on. And on that note,  here is a 1984 recently discovery featured track from BIS (Beats In Space) sweetly spoke and moved me recently it's simple kitchy message.   Enjoy!

Friday, July 29, 2016

IFN (Glamjack Takes)

Here is new one from Glamjack featuring an awesome Lindstrom loop and of course legendary Herbie Handcock's NoBu! Enjoy

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Friday, July 8, 2016

Carl Craig: Sandstorm

It's hard not to get emotional with all is happening in this country and the world!  Where I go to gt some release and piece of mind?  The thinking man's house, so here is the 2006 classic by Detroit legend Carl Craig. Hard to believe this is already ten years old.  Have a great weekend and let the violence end and embrace PEACE!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Happy Pride 2016

Here are my two favorite pictures from yesterday's march! These pictures speak a thousand words!....and here is Inner Life's "Make It Last Forever" Enjoy

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Love Orchestra: Let'Em Dance: We Are Orlando

Just came back from doing some travels and haven't had a chance to post here.  Lots of crazy and tragic events have happened since the last post.  I must say it has been very hard and sad to process and come to terms with the events of Pulse Nightclub in Orlando.  

Pulse is a place all too familiar, where one goes to live and celebrate life.

A  place to  escape from the norm, negativity and a judgmental society that has a long way to go. 

A  loving and inclusive place were queer culture goes to create "other spaces", to experiment,  a space of dance,  joy and catharsis.   A place where feeling free and liberated is a ritual. Yes, a type church! 

 A place that is usually dark and smoky, lonely, desperate, sad, fleeting, superficial, instant, predictable and temporary yet full of vigor, possibilities, authenticity and love.    

 A place of acceptance where you meet amazing people, lovers,  people to form lasting friendships and bonds creating unique families.  

A place where you create memories, happy and sad. 

A place where self expression, glamour and even the tragic and ridiculousness of life is celebrated.  

A place where the music only stops when a fabulous drag queen going full out, entertaining you with love and magic or when you hear last call for alcohol or when the lights dim with the music as the sun sets.

As a young gay man living in south Louisiana during the repressive '80s and early '90s,  these places were and still are vital, a life blood, a breathing space of self-acceptance and inclusiveness were you felt free and safe!  

How tragic and sad that in a place like this, 49 beautiful lives were robbed by a hateful, self-loathing, evil, violent and unhappy lost soul. 

 My love goes out to the victims, their lovers, friends and family. We are Orlando! Love is love is love is love!

Stanley Almodovar III, 23 years old
Amanda Alvear, 25 years old
Oscar A Aracena-Montero, 26 years old
Rodolfo Ayala-Ayala, 33 years old
Antonio Davon Brown, 29 years old
Darryl Roman Burt II, 29 years old
Angel L. Candelario-Padro, 28 years old
Juan Chevez-Martinez, 25 years old
Luis Daniel Conde, 39 years old
Cory James Connell, 21 years old
Tevin Eugene Crosby, 25 years old
Deonka Deidra Drayton, 32 years old
Simon Adrian Carrillo Fernandez, 31 years old
Leroy Valentin Fernandez, 25 years old
Mercedez Marisol Flores, 26 years old
Peter O. Gonzalez-Cruz, 22 years old
Juan Ramon Guerrero, 22 years old
Paul Terrell Henry, 41 years old
Frank Hernandez, 27 years old
Miguel Angel Honorato, 30 years old
Javier Jorge-Reyes, 40 years old
Jason Benjamin Josaphat, 19 years old
Eddie Jamoldroy Justice, 30 years old
Anthony Luis Laureanodisla, 25 years old
Christopher Andrew Leinonen, 32 years old
Alejandro Barrios Martinez, 21 years old
Brenda Lee Marquez McCool, 49 years old
Gilberto Ramon Silva Menendez, 25 years old
Kimberly Morris, 37 years old
Akyra Monet Murray, 18 years old
Luis Omar Ocasio-Capo, 20 years old
Geraldo A. Ortiz-Jimenez, 25 years old
Eric Ivan Ortiz-Rivera, 36 years old
Joel Rayon Paniagua, 32 years old
Jean Carlos Mendez Perez, 35 years old
Enrique L. Rios, Jr., 25 years old
Jean C. Nives Rodriguez, 27 years old
Xavier Emmanuel Serrano Rosado, 35 years old
Christopher Joseph Sanfeliz, 24 years old
Yilmary Rodriguez Solivan, 24 years old
Edward Sotomayor Jr., 34 years old
Shane Evan Tomlinson, 33 years old
Martin Benitez Torres, 33 years old
Jonathan Antonio Camuy Vega, 24 years old
Juan P. Rivera Velazquez, 37 years old
Luis S. Vielma, 22 years old
Franky Jimmy Dejesus Velazquez, 50 years old
Luis Daniel Wilson-Leon, 37 years old
Jerald Arthur Wright, 31 years old

Here is a tune by Love Orchestra from their beautiful LP "Let'Em Dance!" Let them all dance in the

 And on a personal note let me indulge here with a list of some of my favorite places,  "The Pulses" that in many ways, shaped me who I am today.   The places where I encountered love, romance, heartbreak, lasting friendships, self-discovery and creativity.   And yes, including wild nights of drink, dance, abandon, decadence, glamour, drama, exhilaration and fun! But most of all,  these where the spaces where I fell in love with the magic and communal energy of the dance floor with its flickering lights and reflecting mirror balls uniting us with the love of music making the soundtrack of our lives while dancing and singing along to the dance music coming from the DJ booths with it's camp, drama and hard pounding beats of the times. 

In no particular order, these were the places I frequented spanning a decade from 1984-1994 before I moved to the big apple, some are gone, some are missing, some are still here:

Xanthus, Banton Rouge
Chaps, New Orleans
Opinions, Baton Rouge
The Parade/Bourbon Pub, New Orleans
La Boucherie, New Orleans
Street Talk, Lafayette
George's, Baton Rouge
Lautrec's, Lafayette
Cafe Lafitte In Exile, New Orleans
Oz, New Orleans
The Phoenix, New Orleans
The Monster, New Orleans
Good Friends, New Orleans
Rawhide, New Orleans


Saturday, May 28, 2016

500 Post: Clair De Lune

Today marks the 500th post and Summer is already here! To celebrate here is a remix of a famous classical by Debussy " Clair De Lune" over a loop from Ron Trent's late 90's classic "Pop, Dip & Spin" with some very minimal tweaks here and there. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Comin' Back

Here is a cool new house discovery from 1998 by the Kurt Harman Project which is basically Ron Trent's "Pop, Dip & Spin" with vocals. I'm starting to re-visit late '90's early '00s house lately. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Breaking Michael Jackson

This is the first of a series of Michael Jackson homages that I did when he passed away but never felt they were ready to put out. After a few tweaks here and there I'm finally comfortable sharing. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Prince: In bits Part 1

I'm starting to put some closure so here is part one of a sort of twisted homage mix of Prince favorites.  Enjoy!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

RIP Prince

..."all I got is 2 cigarettes and this broken heart of mine"...
Still in such shock and in tears over Prince's passing!
Here is one of my all time B-Sides favorites "17 Days" from the brilliant "When Doves Cry" single release. This was the only version I was able to find and it happens to be live and it's quite brilliant. It's one of those songs that will always be amazing in and out of the dance floors.  His genius legacy will live on forever! RIP Beautiful Prince! Enjoy 


and here is my current playlist of Prince song's I've been devouring lately in this order:

Sometimes It Snows In April
17 Days
How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore
A Case Of You
If I Was Your Girlfriend
Money Don't Matter 2 Night
Girls & Boys
Pop Life (Fresh Dance Mix)
Lady Cab Driver
Erotic City
I Would Die 4 U (Extended Dance Mix)
The Ladder
The Future
I Could Never Take the Place of your Man
Nothing Compares To U

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Prince: 1958-2016

Another devastating loss!  RIP Purple Genius!
Here is one of my dance favorites! I just found this pitch down version recently posted!
Too sad to put anything into words! More to come

Saturday, April 16, 2016

I'm In Love

Fresh out of the oven.  A new remix inspired out of some recent vinyl shopping I did in Greenpoint.  I just discovered The Thing records which has a non curated huge record collection 1 million I hear and every offering is $2.00 regardless and most records are in decent condition. I found some great finds and I will definitely go back soon. Here is a mix out some unidentified white label "album sampler"  which I slowed down and added the magic of Gwen Guthrie on vocals. Hope you enjoy it!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Ma Foom Bey

I haven't heard this in ages. "Ma Foom Bey" by Cultural Vibe. I'm digging it so much again. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Disco Photography: Moon & Spoon

Studio 54, 1978. Photo: Bill Berstein

.....coke time at Studio 54..... and  "Your Love" by Lime  popped into my head to go with this picture!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

April '16 Mix

Here is the April'16 Mix. Spring is here.  Lately with the spirit of renewal in the air, I have been re-vamping some tracks from 2004-2006 from the Glamjack/CD "vaults".  Minor edits here and there and I'm quite surprised how well they hold up on their own considering those tracks I feel are more amateurish in nature and shall I say,  primitively conceived by mixing separate wave file loops created live from vinyl sources and overlapping them making second and even third generation recordings. All of this was recorded from an exterior microphone before USB technology! The end results created a distinctive Glamjack sound which I feel needed an open and acquired taste at times, lol.  I have been releasing some of those tracks individually on Disco Monk Soundcloud's  if you want further listening of these tracks. Also, there are myriad of other tracks to spice things up with the latest from Pet Shop Boys's brilliant new release of "Super" and an awesome remix I recently discovered while listening to Beats in Space podcast from DJ Paramida from Sharif Laffrey who made an incredible twist from the break of Pet Shop Boys "Always on my mind/In my House" remix. It's great to see young people embracing this sound again. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

West End Girls

Here is another mix from CD Vaults of the iconic "West End Girls" by Pet Shop Boys. The Pet Head that I am, I have always been fascinated with this song specially for the evolution from the 1984 Bobby Orlando version to the more polished heavy on the base Stephen Hague 1985 version. They are both brilliant versions.  Here is a totally different take while overdoing it with some samples from Deee-Lite and St. Germain and other crazy stuff it totally feels distorted yet with some great moments. It feels all over the place and it shows you that's what I was into it a lot in 2006. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 26, 2016


From the CD vaults I found this crazy mash-up called Depecheowie.  Sprinkling some Bowie instrumentals with some Depeche Mode loops. A very unlikely marriage.  This was the time when I had a Dell computer and  was experimenting using separate sound files  composed of breaks and edits. I would splice them up to create loops and record them on external mic in front of the speakers for the final mix. I bit obsolete by today's standards I mus say but still sounds nice. Enjoy

Friday, March 25, 2016

Editorial Mix

Here is the Spring Mix of '16  titled the Editorial Mix. I was inspired by the idea of reading a magazine and current events. Enjoy!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Moody's Mystery Mix

Today I am featuring this amazing mix by Moody. I was quite flattered to hear that he reached out to me with praise and inspiration for this blog and my featured mixes as well.  So here it is for your enjoyment and I will let you describe it in his own words:

"Here I have created a mix composed of different styles and genres to take the listener on a musical journey. "It can be a challenge to put together a mix that is eclectic with out it being all over the place but here I have tried to keep it together by keeping the rhythm constant. 
I have opted for a slow tempo throughout as I like the feeling of space achieved by this, giving a dubby effect, space can be the musician's greatest asset, this seems to be overlooked by a lot of today's djs/producers as they try and cram in as many sounds and effects as possible into their mixes and tracks, often resulting in a crowded, muddied track/mix, leaving the listener fatigued.
Dance music doesn't have to be electronic, great as this style is, there are so many different genres that get people up and on the floor. Here in this mix, I have included genres diverse such as Blues, Country, Reggae, Disco as well as a smattering of good old House and Techno. What makes people dance has been the same elements within music since time begun,  rhythm. It really is mainly down to the beat, if a tune has a solid beat, then that is what people are going to pick up upon. 

So whilst dipping toes in many styles, the beat remains a solid, constant, this is my musical secret, it is the rhythm that drives this mix, like all music, you can strip away all the fancy effects and loops but it is always and always has been the beat that makes people dance.

As for track choice, I have tried to demonstrate  my versatility as a selector. I could of banged out  90 minutes of House but where would the fun be in that? I like to keep people guessing, to surprise the listener with tunes you would never have thought of being on a mix. It has taken me a good while to piece this effort together as I like to try and be original with my choices. I listen to a lot of music every day, having been a professional DJ for many years, playing bars and clubs as well as promoting nights, I have over time been exposed to many different genres which have broadened my tastes hugely over the years. I also try and include tracks that I have not heard on other DJs mixes, due to the sheer volume of mixes out there, you can imagine this is no easy task.

So here it is, a truly eclectic effort, joining the dots across the board whilst keeping the rhythm flowing.  Sit back and enjoy this somewhat slow-mo, spacey, dubby and cosmic mix. Listen out for tracks from the likes of Howling Wolf, Soft Rocks, Peter Tosh, JJ Cale and many, many more......
With love, 


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

More Than Ever People

Released in 2001, "More Than Ever People" by Levitation from the Cafe Del Mar "chill out" Ibiza compilations. This is from Volumen Cinco and compiled by the great Jose Padilla.  This is such a time capsule already and so hard to believe this is already 15 years old! Enjoy

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Who Are You? March '16 Mix

..."Who are you?...I'm the enchanting wizard of rhythm...why did you come here?".
Here is the latest mix by yours truly.  Hope you enjoy it!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

RIP Vanity 6

RIP Denise Matthews also known as Vanity 6.  You will always be the most beautiful nasty girl! 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Sound & Vision: Glamjack's In Memoriam "Re-Visioned" Remix

Here is a homage remix to the great David Bowie featuring Kodo's "Zoku Japanese Drums".  I had this idea I wanted to add some type of marching drums to this stripped down version of "Sound & Vision". Also, there are other added elements as well.  Enjoy!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Happy Birthday Disco Monk!

It has been six years since I started this blog dedicated to dance music and everything else in between.  It has brought me nothing but joy to share my passion for dance music and the real nocturnal and communal world of dance. Thank you for following Disco Monk. I sincerely wish I could post more often but life somehow creeps up on you  by not giving me the proper time for this baby as much as I would like to; however, as the saying goes "it is not about quantity but quality". My monk like devotion always shine just like the mirror balls of the disco halls. 

Here is a picture of NYC's Sound Factory which was the first proper introduction to a real dance shrine where dance music brought joy and magic. What can I say. It was church! I know there were other amazing places that preceded this one but to me this holds a wonderful special place in my heart being the first exposure to the nocturnal world of the dance community in this amazing city. 

So to celebrate the birthday of this blog, here is David Joseph's fabulous 1983 dance classic "You Can't Hide (Your Love) Larry Levan Mix". This track brilliantly bridges disco and house, specially the ending section! Enjoy and here is to many more years of Disco Monk!


Disco Photography: David Bowie

Photo: Andrew Kent

David Bowie doing jazz hands or voguing?

Thursday, January 14, 2016

David Bowie's Best Dance Songs

I had to make peace with the reality that this genius musical artist has left us too soon. So what better way than to list my best David Bowie dance songs that can make me break down and cry! See you in the cosmos!

We begin with "Let's Spend The Night together". It is a great fast pace rock foot stomping classic that always amazes.

then here is the  haunting and dramatic Owellian inspired song filled with power and always makes me want to move:

Just as good and hard and as the disco version period.

Needs no explanation!

An ode to the DJ's of the world! Beautiful

This is one of the New Romantic anthems for all the dance floors of past and present

Traaaansmission.....need I say more

Oh and this one is pretty much the cosmic disco version of the original. Brilliant!

This one never cease to amaze. Pure brilliance! One of my favorites. The break here is Balearic magic.

This one is a stunner. Hard to pin point but to me,  this is a sweet and countrified journey. A dance classic in my book!

Of course this the major one that could never have happened without Nile Rogers! An indisputable dance classic!

and this is the other monster dance classic from the same era!  

 The 90's version has more punch yet keeping the integrity of the original

This one is an interesting '90's take on the original classic. It has grown on me through out the years!

This Pet Shop Boys production designed to please  the hardcore gay boys at the clubs!

James Murphy did an amazing remix here with Bowie's 2013 brilliant comeback album The Next Day.  This remix brought me full New Romanticism circle by adding sections from "Ashes to Ashes".

and pretty much everything from Young Americans, even the slow ones where Bowie merged beautifully soul and the Philadelphia sound from the title track to "Fascination" and  "Right which is t is one of my all time favorite to close any night of dancing.

 and I of course this list  wouldn't be complete with "Young Americans". This was a live version from the Dick Cavett show from 1974.  Pure brilliance!

Other songs that deserve to be on this list but made it very difficult for me  to choose, so I will call it
The honorable mention list:

Rebel Rebel 
Rebel Never Gets Old 
Fame 90 (House Mix)
China Girl
Something in the Air (American Psycho Remix)
Dancing in the Street
Time Will Crawl (Remix)
Loving the Alien (12 Inch)
Without You
Blue Jean
Up the Hill Backwards
Scary Monsters and Super Creeps
Boys Keep Swinging
Breaking Glass (Extended)
Beauty and The Beast
Ashes to Ashes
Golden Years 
Watch That Man
Hang Onto Yourself
Diamond Dogs
Suffragette City 
Be My Wife
Look Back in Anger

Monday, January 11, 2016

R.I.P Beautiful Alien: David Bowie 1947-2016

Loss of words and sad for one of the greatest, a true legend and a one of a kind artist/genius/pioneer has left us to another galaxy.  I just finished listening to "Blackstar". Wow! My heart goes out his friends and family. See you on the next plane my beautiful alien.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Do It Now: First week of 2016

Happy weekend! I'm so feeling this tune tonight! Hard to believe this is already 16 years ago! Pre-9/11, I vividly recalled just moved into Willamsburg living very simple, freelancing as an artist and this just filled me well. San Francisco's own Dubtribe Sound System had some amazing tunes that were hard to resist during that wonderful time when deep house was at its peak from 1996-2001.  Their Body & Soul classic of "Equatorial" is nothing short of  genius on the dance floor.  However, "Do It Now" has  managed to be their quintessential classic.  The song merges well the beauty and fantasy of house and disco all wrapped into one while evoking classics such as  Chaka Khan's "I'm Every Woman" and Frankie Knuckles  late '80s house anthem "Tears". This 13 minute song along with  creators Sunshine Jones & Moombean Jones on vocals is nothing short sweet. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 2, 2016


We begin the year 2016 with this amazing 1983 classic by Sinnamon. Enjoy!

Friday, January 1, 2016

RIP Natalie Cole

Natalie Cole 1950 - 2016

R.I.P. the great Natalie Cole. You will be missed and your legacy in dance music will live on forever. Here is the dance classic "Pink Cadillac". Just fabulous!