Saturday, March 13, 2010

On The Road Again

I'm doing double duty today! I have decided to post one of my favorite 70's bands. Barrabas was from Spain and the group's musical style was initially Latin rock with jazz and funk influences, and later developed into a more disco orientated sound. Barrabas was led by drummer Fernando Arbex and formed it in 1971. Later that year they released their debut album Wild Safari spawning the hit singles "Woman" and "Wild Safari". David Mancuso pretty much introduced this amazing music to his dancers during his loft parties and the rest was disco history. They opened the flood gates for danceable rock. Their diverse musical styles paved the way for many disco rock artists to emerge from the dance floors around that time such as Babe Ruth and it continues to inspire most the new Latin rock bands that have emerged during the past 30 years. The song I'm posting "On The Road Again" (click here to watch video) is from their early 80's work which I think has been overlooked by critics and deserves to be revised. Also, this song was from their 1982 LP Piel de Barrabas. There are about four different versions of this song and it was released as a disco single featured here. I can't get enough of the diversity, sweetness and intensity of their music. I was saddened to find out of Fernando's passing in 2003. He as such an influential musician, his first band formed in 1965 called Los Brincos is considered to be the "Spanish Beatles".

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