Sunday, April 14, 2013

Thank you Mr. Vincent Montana JR.

So sad to hear the passing of one of the greatest disco composers, Mr. Vincent Montana Jr. Two years ago I did a posting celebrating his eighty third birthday here: Happy Birthday Mr. Montana  which included a few bits of extensive legacy.   He touched so many people with his greatness and genius pioneering the art of music scoring that transcended grandly on the dance floor.  His music was epic in every sense and on the dance floor, it brought the dancer to a different emotional plateau and new heights. A true legend! Thank you for all the amazing music you gave us.  Your legacy will live on forever!

Vincent Montana Jr. 1928 - 2013

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Madonna at the Lower East Side of Manhattan, 1982

The song that jump started her career.  It was 1982 and  DJ/Producer Mark Kamins who sadly passed away recently of a heart attack,  produced it and brought it to Sire Records president to sign her a two song deal this yet unknown dancer.  Madonna performed live during his residency at legendary seminal club Danceteria .  It became huge at the clubs, it used live drums and keyboard and her vocals were not as polished  and yet the sense of urgency in her voice put a spell on the dance floor. "Everybody"  t had an amazing R&B infused beat, it was raw and you couldn't escape it! Here is the Dub version. Enjoy

It was decided not to put her on the cover wanting to create a mystery and sell copies to the black/r&b market.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Love Is In You

We close the weekend with one the most feel good disco songs ever!  Twelve minutes and twenty seven seconds of pure bliss.  This song was released in 1979  by Nightlife Unlimited on Casablanca Records. Nightlife Unlimited was actually two groups. The Canadian outfit burst in the scene in 1979 with "Disco Choo Choo". The first line up consisted of Tony Bentivegna and Johny D'Orazio (the two constant members) and Louis Toteda and Peter Sciascia (vocals).  "Love Is In You" was their biggest on the dance floors I would guess this would be played during peak times or at the end of the night.  Nightlight Unlimited continued during the early part of the '80s with a different line up trying to match the shifting nature of dance music but never captured the lush and magical quality of this fabulous disco. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

House Nation

April is already upon us and I'm going to start the month featuring a very interesting take on "House Nation" by Pleasure Zone. This sexier stripped down version has all the elements of the original without the trippy instrumental organ.  I recently discovered this rare gem while visiting my new favorite record store Co-op 87 Records which recently opened in Greenpoint. This tiny record store has an amazingly pristine selection of all kinds of rare vinyl with an incredible well curated selection of rare dance music. Also, I added the original by The Housemaster Boyz and the Rude Boy of The House version for safe measure.  If you were to sum up the essence of '80s house music this would be it without a doubt. Enjoy!