Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shack Up!

The rain continues in NYC and it's time to continue to shack up so I dedicate this to those who are shaking up with their love ones. A lot of people probably have heard the 1980's cover version by post-punkers A Certain Ratio. The original was recorded by Washington DC funk band Banbarra in 1975 and wasn't a hit but did get a lot of play in Northern Soul clubs which is where A Certain Ratio, being from Manchester, probably heard it. Banbarra themselves seem to be the very definition of "obscure". This song is a classic and it's composed of two parts, Part one being more vocal with a brilliant bit of rough and tough funk with a floor shaking bass line with some hard thumps. With it's scratchy guitar and raw vocals it actually sounds more "alternative" than the cover version. Part two has more of an instrumental feel. Enjoy

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