Saturday, August 30, 2014

New additions to the collection

Mix Coming soon!
Rene and his Pachanga Orchestra

Erotic Drum Machine
Big Audio Dynamite

Psychedelic Furs
Willie Color & Ruben Blades
Boby O

    Bow Wow Wow

Get Here (Glamjack Fighting The Feeling Remix)

Here is a twisted remix of Oleta Adams classic soul hit "Get Here". Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sidewalk Talk: The Terra Perma Experience

I was in Canada this past week to be one with nature and re-connect with some dear friends of mine that are close to my heart. I went to visit Terra Perma which is located two hours north of Montreal. It's a beautiful growing residential and eco entrepreneur permaculture community in the heart of the Laourentians, located in the Mont-Tremblant region. There are 800 beautiful acres of land set to be preserved and promote sustainable developments. It was an amazing, unique and invigorating experience where I got to relax and learn a lot about myself and the land.  I did some canoeing at the lake, slept in a yurt, did some meditation, yoga, swimming, some fun tie dying and painting projects and ate some delicious vegetables from the land.  Also, I got to meet some quite amazing people who are working hard and putting their hearts and souls in making this project a reality.

Terra Perma, Lake Green
To get there,  there was some time spending traveling by car and got to listen to Quebec radio which is quite amazing. While driving around this beautiful land full of luscious scenery "Sidewalk Talk" by Jellybean feat. Madonna came on the radio which had nothing to do with nature and more to do with city living.  While listening to it, it dawned on me that I probably haven't heard it since it's release in 1984! This was a collaborative project between Madonna and Jellybean Benitez when they were a couple trying to make their mark in NYC.  I simply love the rawness of it and to top it all, once the song ended, the disc jockey did something quite clever, he left the needle of the record continue bumping with it's scratchy noise making a point that we were listening to vinyl. Yes, vinyl on the radio! A true Canadian experience that I will never forget with some amazing company. Thank you Alfonso Tarazona and Philippe Leclerc for making this past week beautiful and memorable.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Family Of Eve

Here is some amazing Disco gems that I recently discovered to get your Saturday "discofied" by a 70's band called Family of Eve. Very little it's known about them and it looks like they only released two songs as 45 LP. The songs were re-released in 2006 and "I Want To Be Loved By You" was remixed by Kenny Dope. On the other side is "Please Be Truthful" and it's also a great song. I can't quite pin point what kind of Disco is this, but definitely they both have a lot of soul/funk influences and have the potential to rip up any dance floor on my book specially during the breaks. I'm featuring both originals and Kenny Dope's treatment of "I Want To Be Loved By You". Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Jackie 60

A typical weekly flyer which are now collectable items. 

Here is a homage to the last and  real best NYC Club experience of the last century, Jackie 60. It was begun in 1990 by local night life royalty Chi Chi Valenti and Johnny Dynell, choreographer Richard Move and fashion designer Kitty Boots. The club was heavy on the performance element with weekly original themes with a strict dress code and incredible MC's.  It was located in the Meat Packing District when it was still seedy and fabulous then later it became MOTHER.  I was lucky to experience this incredible club to the fullest from the mid '90s until it's sad closing in 1999.  Every Tuesday night was devoted to Jackie 60 delivering a wide spectrum of memorable, visceral and mesmerizing performances making a scene where the lines between guests and  performers were blurred both on and off stage.  To celebrate this golden age of clubbing here is "The Jackie Hustle" (Johnny D's Duelling MC Mix)  featuring the vocals by one of it's fabulous resident MC Paul Alexander and music by the legendary Johnny Dynell. "Legends Know No Code" Enjoy!

Johnny Dynell from on Vimeo.