Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm Afraid Of Me

Here is rare 12" remix by '80s legendary band Culture Club, "I'm Afraid Of Me" which is featured on the Volume 2 of the Methods Of Dance collection.  "I'm Afraid Of Me" was originally released on their debut 1982 LP titled Kissing To Be Clever.  This was the album that shot them to the top of the charts spanning the classic '80s hits "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me" and "Time" to name a few.  Also released in 1982,  Methods of Dance Volume 2 contains a compilation of era defining underground club tracks which marked the point at which Post Punk collided with the dance floor.  There are several hard to find early songs and remixes from amazing bands that defined the music of that era.  Lately, I have been listening to Mark Ronson's brilliant song "Somebody To Love Me" featuring vocals by the legendary Boy George which has made me nostalgic for this sound again.  This is a truly unique gem of a song. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Stop Bajon (Primavera)

Happy Thanksgiving holiday is here and what a lovely time it has been spending time with my beloved extended family of friends.  Due to the social demands of the season around this time of year,  it is expected not to have any time to post here.  Now I'm happy to feature a great song from Tullio De Piscopo called "Stop Bajon (Primavera)".  According to dear friend wikipedia, De Piscopo was born in Naples, the son of a drummer in an orchestra.  In 1969 he moved to Turin, where he began a successful career as drummer for several popular artists including Gerry Mulligan, Astor Piazzolla, Gato Barbieri, Lucio Dalla, Pino Daniele, Manu Chau and others.  In 1974-1975 he was a member of New Trolls Atomic System.  He also wrote scores for several movies.  His most successful song is "Andamento lento", which won Festivalbar in 1988.  Outside Italy he became famous with this song which was released in 1983 and spearheaded the early Italo House/Disco movement.  It was a also favorite during the early days of house music in Chicago and it was on heavy rotation at the clubs there around that time.  It is a fairly new discovery to my ears and  loving it!  The hooks are amazing and the breaks are sweet. Enjoy!

Stop Bajon-Best of

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Walking In Rhythm

Wow....I have been neglecting all of you wonderful readers and listeners.  This is a time of the year when thinks get hectic and combined with hosts staying over making difficult to find time to post here.  This a song that I heard today while walking the Williamsburg bridge with a majestic full moon on the horizon combined with the crisp Autumn air and a gorgeous sunset.   As one can imagine the song says it all.  The Blackbyrds was an American rhythm and blues and jazz-funk fusion group, formed in Washington D.C. in 1973.  They released eight successful albums for Fantasy Records from 1974 to 1980.  They have become an inspiration  for countless acts for the past 30 years including  hip pop greats De La Soul, Ice Cube, Heavy D, Nas and Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five.  The song "Rock Creek Park" has been sample by all of these acts including Massive Attack.  "Walking in Rhythm" is an undisputed Disco classic and it was featured on their 1974 gorgeous sounding LP Flying Start.  The inspiration lives on!  Enjoy

Monday, November 8, 2010

Remembering A Legend: Larry Levan

Larry Levan at Paradise Garage

Today marks the 18th year of legendary Dj Larry Levan's passing.  He revolutionized dance music and the art of mixing records.  Larry introduced the dub aesthetic into dance music.   He experimented with drum machines and synthesizers in his productions and live sets, ushering in an electronic, post-disco sound that presage the ascendancy of house music.  His sets were never short of drama and took the dancer on a emotional journey rightly described as "Saturday Mass".  All of his sets during the legendary decade long residency at the New York City night club Paradise Garage told a story and took the dancers on a sonic journey filled with bliss,  joy and redemption.  Also,  his productions and remixes were filled with his magical genius touch that changed dance music forever. There has never been anyone of his caliber and he is truly missed!  Here is a favorite among the many of his incredible remixes.  Mann Friday's gorgeous "Love Honey, Love Heartache".  Simply brilliant!  Enjoy

Love Honey, Love Heartache (Larry Levan's Vocal Mix) - Man Friday - Vinylmania

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blend III

It is about that time to deliver a new mix from Dj Glamjack.  The blend series have been one of the  most popular ones on this site so here is the third installment for your listening pleasure.   Most of the songs are all stand along making it challenging to create a cohesive "blend".   The songs featured comprise an eclectic mix of old, new, local and international flavors.  The mix comprises of artists that has been exciting  and stimulating my ears as of recently and yes, a lot of them happen to be from the '80s and of course the '70s.  Crue-L Grand Orchestra who could have easily been from the '70s jump start this mix and specially blended with Maximum Joy's classic "Silent Street" whom is evident they took the sample from for their "Cynmopeide No. 1" lullaby of a song.  Followed by an amazing band recently discovered called Dan Boadi and the African Internationals performing a simple yet satisfying number about the evils of money.  Then the drama gets even more intense with Lalo Schifrin's disco rendition of the theme of Jaws. Followed by an interesting song by recently discovered rare and brilliant find from an '80s German band called Oppenheimer Analysis singing about "The Devil's Dancers". Lalo Schifrin resurfaces here with a stunning song called "Dragonfly" exploring a playful 70's spirit with a Van McCoy classic "Party".  One of my favorite songs from the '80s gets revisited here with an extended mix of "Promises, Promises" from Naked Eyes followed by Section 25's  sweet "Inspiration".  The mix moves along to 2010 with a gorgeous song from  Hercules Love Affair's own  Kim Ann Foxman called "Creature" which recalls an amazing late '80s house song from Project 86 called "Legends".  This mix concludes with a great song from 1976 from Tommy Stewart's self-titled LP called "Fulton County Line" blending into an 1982 classic from Junior "Mama Used To Say".  If there is a theme on this mix, it could be that of self-reflection, associations, inspiration and metaphor.  Hope you enjoy it!

Blend III -  Dj Glamjack - A Dj Glamjack Mix

Track Listing:

  1.  Cynmopeide No. 1 - Crue- L Grand Orchestra
  2.  Silent Street/Silent Dub - Maximum Joy
  3.  Money is the Root of Evil - Dan Boadi and the African Internationals
  4.  Jaws - Lalo Schifrin
  5.  The Devil's Dancers - Oppenheimer Analysis
  6.  Dragonfly - Lalo Schifrin
  7.  Party - Van McCoy
  8.  Promises, Promises (Extended Version) - Naked Eyes
  9.  Inspiration - Section 25
10. Creature - Kim Ann Foxman
11. Legends - Project 86
12. Fulton County Line - Tommy Stewart
13, Mama Used To Say - Junior

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

El Gato Triste

Here is a wonderful song by the amazingly brilliant American composer Chuck Magione.  Although not a dance song, this timeless song has all the drama that could fill a dance floor either during the beginning or the end of a party.  Land Of Make Believe was released in 1973 and it contained many classic songs.  The title song performed by Esther Satterfield's amazing vocals made her famous at the time.   This concert LP released by the Mercury label is one the most successful of this kind with beautiful combination of tunes, grandiose orchestrations with right amount of jazz and a genuinely feeling of idealism.  Every song in this LP grabs you with it's positivity and endearing messages of love, hope and utopianism.  "El Gato Triste" begins slow implying classical elements and then changes elevating the listener taking you on a more tropical jazzy terrain.  It has been considered a Latin song.  I just simply love how the song takes you on a journey and back.  Enjoy!

El Gato Triste - Chuck Mangione - Mercury

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Goin' To A Showdown

Today I'm posting a song that has not been able to leave my mind as of recently.  I'm not sure if is the repetitive aspect, the beats or just simply the kitsch quality this song.   I stumbled across this LP at Academy Records around the neighborhood and could not resist purchasing it.   Spooks In Space has plenty of catchy tunes and this is the one that stands out the most to me.  The most popular single from this LP was "Spooks In Space" which I happen to like as well.   Aural Exciters was created by legendary disco producer Bob Blank in 1979 who recruited Kid Creole & The Coconuts, James White & The Blacks, The Contortions, Lizzy Mercier Descloux and Lydia Lunch for this project.  August Darnel and Andy "Coati mundi" Hernandez from Kid Creole & The Coconuts wrote almost all the songs.  This LP has been described as the perfect choice to use when looking for  classic avant garde Latin flavored P-Funk party music.   Also, to the disco connoisseur, this album exemplifies what became known the mutant disco sound.  Enjoy