Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Party Freaks (Glamjack Freaky Remix)

Today I'm posting one of my favorite "never saw the light of disco ball and disco dance floor day" songs. It is called The Party Freaks by a band called Miami. Songwriter Willie Clarke created this self-contained band around vocalist Robert Moore. Amid cutting three albums, Miami served as the house band for TK Records' family of labels. Their first album, The Party Freaks came out in 1974 and featured catchy jams like "Party Freaks" and "I Can See Through You"; a second LP, Notorious (1976), spawned their popular "Kill That Roach" (a reflex-phrase in tropical cities like Miami where roaches grow big as butterflies and even fly on occasions). A final album, Miami, hooked around an update of Otis Redding's "I've Been Loving You Too Long," dropped in 1978, but didn't do well and the band dissolved eventually. Initially the song is a little under 3 minutes long and I was going to post the song as is, however; I love the instrumental break so much that I decided to re-edit the song and expanded it and continued playing more leading to a full on remix almost twice as long. The song is about luring a lady to come over and hang out with the freaks at the party that usually hide in the back. I was probably one of those freaks at some point. I truly enjoyed playing with this song and since it has the title word "freak", I decided to make it even freakier by remixing it.
Oh yeah! Enjoy

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Party Freaks (Original Version) - Miami

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