Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mondo Disco

I has been a crazy week with lot's of work and to top that I decided to go wireless with my Internet connections resulting in not posting much this week. So I'm happy to be back and glad to go wireless now. Today I'm featuring an amazing song by cult disco favorites W. Michael Lewis and Laurin Rinder, who produced, arranged, wrote, and played all the instruments on the vast majority of their material. Their distinctive sound was partly a result of their jazz training, which showed up not only in their arrangements and chord progressions, but in the overall musicality and sonic imagination. Rinder and Lewis produced their own tracks in 1975, issuing the LP Caravan under their fictitious group name El Coco (a drug reference). Mondo Disco followed in 1976, as did Let's Get It Together, the point where they really hit their stride. "Let's Get It Together" became a substantial club hit, breaking them on the disco scene. The title tracks on 1977's Cocomotion and 1978's Dancing Paradise were also successful. Following this success they became issuing side projects with such guises that included Tuxedo Junction, Saint Tropez, le Pamplemousse, Rinder & Lewis and the Rinlew Allstars. All amazing releases!

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