Monday, March 8, 2010

I Can't Stop

"...I can't stop, when the music plays, I can dance all day....." I love the escapism of this song and it's the perfect song for Mondays. It was hard to return to work today when we have been blessed with such amazing weather and after the day is done all I want to do is dance. This song is by John Davis and the Monster Orchestra's first release Night and Day in 1976. The 12" single, "I Can't Stop" was one of it's original tunes. This LP enjoyed a minor success during that time. There where a string of other 12" singles that where strong in the Discos, specially the cover version of Ashfor & Simpson's "Bourgie Bourgie" which was big at the Paradise Garage. Also in the 80's they had a dance hit called "Hangin' Out. In the 90's John Davis also wrote, produced and performed the "Theme From Beverly Hills 90210" which I'm planning to listen in the future.

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