Thursday, March 29, 2012

A True Example

Here is a beautiful disco tune perfect for those romantic evenings at home or maybe to be played during the winding hours of the night.  "As Long As You Love Me" was released in 1977 as a B side from Salsoul Record's release of  "Love Is Finally Coming My Way".  It was produced by brothers Joe, Stan and Ken Cayre and mixed with love by the amazing DJ/Producer Walter Gibbons. Recently I heard a Justin Vandervolgen remix of Soft Rock's "Talking Jungle" where he samples the chorus from this song and let me tell you that this remix is going to be huge on my list. Can't wait to get my hands on it when this is released.  In the meantime let's embrace True Example's "As Long As You Love Me". Enjoy

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Can't Shake The Feeling

Here is an epic disco classic to 'shake' things up this Sunday by Geraldine Hunt.  Ms. Hunt was born in St. Louis, Missouri. Her father was a one man band and her grandmother, Louella Reed was a singer on the Chitlin Circuit. In 1947 her family relocated to Chicago and while growing up there Hunt discovered her musical talent.  It was a rough time for her, sleeping on the floor with gangs shooting through the house.  She was even beaten up at gunpoint once. Despite the bleak living conditions of her childhood, she befriended soul singer songwriter Minnie Riperton while attending Hyde Park High School.  She began her recording career as a teenager with several singles released from 1962 and had her first glimmer of success in 1970 when "You & I" a duet with Charlie Hodges reached #45 on the R&B Billboard chart and in 1972 a remake of "Baby I Need Your Loving" reaching #47.  In 1975 Hunt relocated to Montreal Quebec where she cut her first album in 1978 Sweet Honesty. In 1980 Hunt's second album No Way yielded the track "Can't Shake the Feeling" which reached #1 on the Billboard club chart where it spent a total of seven weeks. Ms. Hunt is also the mother of three children; Rosalind Hunt of the musical group Cheri, singer Freddie James and writer Jeanne Dupuis.  I must tell you that even to this day, the entire 5:18 minutes of  "Cant' Shake The Feeling"  brings chills to "every inch of my body" every time I hear it and lights up the dance floor like no other song with its beautiful arrangement, genuine lyrics and the amazing powerful voice of Ms. Hunt.  Enjoy!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Escort has arrived!

Last night I experienced disco rapture by having the pleasure of witnessing live for the first time the 17 piece line up one of my favorite contemporary disco bands Escort.   I have been loving them ever since they released "Starlight" in 2006 and on to getting every release to date and yes, I was in the front row during yesterday's performance at Williamsburg's Brooklyn Bowl.  I knew I was in for a treat upon reading the sticker on their drum set that read: "drum machines have no soul". This amazing Brooklyn band was founded by Dan Balis and Eugene Cho featuring lead singer/songwriter Adeline Michele whose voice is a delightful cross between Jody Watley (Shalamar era) and Nona Hendrix. The girl  can sing and dance and sure knows how to camp it up while working the crowd along with backup singers Joy Dragland, Karlie Bruce and Angelica Allen.  As the story goes, Escort started during the early 2000's as a studio project with Dan and Eugene experimenting with house and the yearning to make original records in the spirit of the old ones they were sampling during college.  Their self titled full LP released this year succeeds cleverly in encapsulating the full spectrum of late '70s disco from the campy to the early high energy and even some the elements of disco that carried over early house music.  Despite being a self-proclaimed disco band, their sound doesn't feel old and feel quite relevant with the Dj's and listeners today. Their live set was full of nice surprises and they are not afraid to do covers by doing an amazing rendition of Machine's "There For The Grace of God Go I" and Gino Soccio's epic "Dancer". Overall I'm very excited for Escort and wish them more success.  Here are two of my two new favorite among the many from their recent release. Enjoy

Escort performing live at Williamsburg Brooklyn Bowl.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Finally here is something to get excited about in terms of new releases this year.   The Barking Dog's "Mamarracho" is a great thumping house track with electro leanings that simply brings the house down with much needed homo eroticism for the dance floors featuring the sexy voice of Marcelo Burlon.  The word mamarracho in Spanish is used to describe someone who is a fool or a "hot mess" and it's  obviously not a nice word since it's used in a negative derogatory way.  This release comes from the amazing German record label Gomma and it's composed of two friends from Milan, Cristian Croce and Nicola Mazzetti going by the name of The Barking Dogs.  In 2006, these two djs producers with different musical backgrounds and experiences have released some insanely eccentric and eclectic party music.  They run a record shop in Milan and are known as putting together the best parties in Italy.  In their shop they have a huge collection of vintage synths and drum machines.  They are inspired by the raw and dirty sound of the late '80s house.  As soon as I heard this deep voice saying ....."macho macho....mamarracho" with a big smile on my face my feet started to move! Enjoy

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A March '12 Mix

Happy March! It has been quite a while since I haven't made a mix so here it is.  As part of the Glamjack mix series this is a very eclectic mix that was compiled with love with some music I've been listening lately edited in way that reflects a certain mood that goes back and forth between moody and happy.  It starts really slow and gentle then bang it goes house then some pop and dance classics.  The overall mix has also a very melting pop feel with a blend of world music from Brazil, Jamaica, Algeria, France, Germany and America, with some jazz, house, hip pop and pioneering techno from Kraftwerk whom by the way are having a huge retrospective at the MoMa with some performances included. I am trying to get tickets since I heard there are no more available.  Anyhow,  I am very pleased with the mix and I hope you enjoy it!

March '12 Mix - DJ Glamjack

Track List

  1.   Mark Isham - Surface and Symbol
  2.   Ait Meslayene - Yemma
  3.   Nina Simone - African Mailman
  4.   Kyze - Stomp Move Jump Jack Your Body
  5.   John Talabot - Sunshine (Original Mix)
  6.   Kink & Neville Wats - Blueprint
  7.   Big Bass
  8.   Clip from Matias Aguayo Mix
  9.   John Talabot - Leave Me
10.   Rose Rouge - St. Germain
11.   Manu Dibango - Reggae Makossa
12.   Madonna - Secret (The Apple Scruffs Edit)
13.   Strafe - Set It Off (Instrumental)
14.   Elizeth Cardoso - Manha De Carnaval
15.   Kraftwerk - Metal On Metal
16.   Antonio Ocasio - Fenix Fantasy

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Get It Up For Love by Tata Vega

Here is a very nice late '70s Disco "Get It Up For Love" by Tata Vega.  This was the single from here 1978 LP Try My Love.  Ms Vega was born Carmen Rosa Vega in Queens, New York, here career spans theater, film and a variety of musical genres.  She began her singing career in 1969 with the Los Angeles production of Hair, then she joined the group Pollution and then became a member of the group Earthquire, which released an album in 1973 on Motown.  Following her stint with the group she released four solo albums: Full Speed Ahead, Totally Tata, Try My Love and Givin' All My Love.  These albums feature a diverse range of genres, including classic motown soul, country or southern soul, disco, jazz, funk, country, Latin, doo-woop, and gospel.  She has had an active career as a back up singer, working with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Andrae Crouch, Lou Rawls, Chaka Kahn, Patti LaBelle, Michael Jackson, and Madonna.  She also worked in film, performing the voice of Shug Avery in the Color Purple and she is featured on four songs on the 1986 soundtrack album, one of which,  the sow stopper "Miss Celie's Blues (Sister)" was nominated for an Academy Award in Best Song category. The lady sure does know how to sing also knows how to work the dance floor with this gem of a song.  Enjoy

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Happy Saturday! Lets celebrate life with Roy Davis Jr.'s 1996 classic electro spiritual "Gabriel" to soothe your body and soul. There has been many versions of this '90s classic but the Live Garage version is the one hands down that stood the test of time.  This genre crossing two step rhythm house,garage,soul record along with the gorgeous soulful vocals of Peven Everett still manages to sound fresh after all these years.  Roy Davis Jr. was turned on to house music at an early age by Lil' Louis.  His production company Phuture started in late '80s has consistently been delivering some timeless classics.  His work is much greatly appreciated in Europe than here in America. Surprised? Not.  Enjoy