Wednesday, August 11, 2010

100th Post!

Here is part two of the Blend series from DJ Glamjack to commemorate the 100th post on this blog. It is hard to believe it has been almost six months since I started this blog.  I want to  thank all of you my dear and darling readers, listeners and disco lovers for tuning in to Disco Monk.  As I was tallying up the most downloaded tunes, I was pleasantly surprised and encouraged to discover that the Glamjack Re-Entry mixes had the highest downloads.  Also, high on popularity where featured songs by Dee Dee Sharp Gamble, Stupid Human, The Revenge, Maynard Ferguson, The Hollies and Mad Mats to name a few.  A healthy dose of old and new I must say.  I will take those statistics into consideration and hope to continue bringing you more amazing disco and dance gems of yesterday, now and tomorrow.  "Blend II" was a very liberating mix to make since it incorporated many musical genres that I love and was inspired to experiment with many different styles to fit the mood of each segment and focused again on the transitions between songs.   Enjoy!

Track Listing

 1. Overture to Flame/Flame - Metro
  2.  Spend A Day Without You - Crue-L Grand Orchestra
  3.  The Softest Voice - Animal Collective
  4.  Long Ago (Rapson Re-Edit) - Carpenters  
  5.  I Want Your Love - James Mason 
  6.  Akoko Ba - Ghedu Blay Ambolley
  7.  Pipeline - Bruce Johnson
  8.  Dance To The Music - Frankie "Bones"
  9.  Blanket Level Aporouch #3 - The Halfer Trio  
10. The Orange Tree - Philip Glass
11. It Should Have Been Me - Ivonne Fair
12  Ghost In You - The Psychedelic Furs
13. Do It To The Max - 6th Borough Project
14. You Got To Be The One - Maryann Farra and Satin Soul  
15. Last Train to London (Blackjoy Re-Edit) - Electric Light Orchestra
16. Always The Sun (Long Side Sunny Side Up Mix) - The Stranglers  
17. Palace (Michael Celis It's Too Late Remix) - Courtney Tidwell  

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