Friday, March 29, 2013

Disco Photography: Prince

Prince in 1978

Disco Monk wishes you a Happy Easter!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

On The Beat

Here is classic tune by studio concept band The Brooklyn Bronx and Queens Band also known as The BB and Q Band "On The Beat". This was the brainchild of Jacques Fred Petrus and Mauro Malavasi who decided to name this band after the three boroughs in New York City that the band members came from.  Petrus is also known for producing Macho, Change and the Peter Jacques Band.  Sadly, I was told by Wiki that Petrus was murdered in 1987.  On The Beat was initially released in 1981 from their self tittled debut LP and  became their biggest hit.  They released to more LP's but never matched the success of this killer dance floor beauty.  This is the '87 Bronx Mix which I think is their best.  Enjoy!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Thinking About Your Love

Here is a dance classic to put you in the weekend mood.  "Thinking About Your Love" was a huge hit on the dance floors in 1985 by male R and B duo Skipworth and Turner. The duo consisting of Rodney Skipworth from Syracuse, New York and Phil Turner from Memphis, Tennessee.  That is as far as I know about them but one thing for sure this is a floor shaker.  I have danced to this several times during the Body and Soul parties as Joe Clausell brings it giving me chills every time I've danced to this classic.  Enjoy!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Erase You Revised

 Here is a mix that I "revised" from the vaults called "Erase You".  Upon listening, I decided to change the order of the songs and came up with a new revised version.  This mix contains various  acapella's which are sprinkled here and there for added interest.  Overall the feel of this mix is eclectic with some touches of world music from the other worldly voice of Ustad Nustrat Fateh Ali Khan doing some  Sufi Qawwalis layered over the genius of Lindstrom and Prins Thomas with some campy calypso styling.  Then the mix takes a turn to some deep jungle house, disco and post punk.  I hope you enjoy this renewed listening as much as I do. Enjoy

Track List

   1.    Lindstrom,  Prins Thomas, Mamie Van Doren &  Ustad Nustrat Fateh Ali Khan - Number Fire En (Glamjack's Go   
          Calypso Qawwli Treatment)
   2.    Afrikali - Out of The Jungle (Dancing Flute)
   3.    Saint Tropez - Fill My Life With Love
   4.    Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Fury
   5.    Raze - Jack The Groove
   6.    Africanism - Call It Jungle Jazz ( Glamjack Paradise Garage Treatment)
   7.    Virgo Four - Take Me Higher
   8.    Erase You-   ESG

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Blue Monday: 30 Years Ago!

Today 30 years ago New Order released the most brilliant and amazing dance song ever from their transformative LP Power, Corruption and Lies in 1983.  The song wasn't originally included on the LP until later. "Blue Monday" symbolized a turn of a new leaf for them as Joy Division became New Order after the suicide of legendary front man Ian Curtis.  Bernard Sumner's mourning vocals along with the pulsating synthesizers became seminal and the way for a new electronic dance movement that fused post punk with house.  "Blue Monday" has also become the biggest independent 12" dance single of all time. This timeless song can transport you physically and emotionally, still sounds  fresh and it never fails to fill any dance floor.  Pure Brilliance!  Enjoy