Friday, March 5, 2010

Who Loves You

It's Friday evening and I am ridding the subway while crossing the bridge bathed in Manhattan skyline. I am filled with thoughts between the difference of the unexpected and the predictable while listening to "Who Loves You" by the Four Seasons. I can't help to get all cheery, teary and cheesy all at the same time. We all probably know this song quite well and lord and behold, I have to be careful here not to disappoint the discerning ears of this blog that's supposed to be about the unexpected, the left field and the rare. Yet this song is proof of the ingenious creativity that lies in pop music plus I am presenting you the disco version! There were three versions of this song released in the United States, the one on the Who Loves You LP pictured here which is four minutes, 20 seconds long and begins with a short percussion section before the start of the vocals. The A-side of the single has a four minutes, four seconds, version which starts with an unusual "fade-in" beginning what begins with the first word of the vocals; the B-side (labeled "Who Loves You" (Disco version) is the same as the A-side but with the instrumental break done twice and the song ending sooner. The instrumental breaks never fails to amaze and since it's repeated twice deleviring a sort of 80's high energy feel. It is pure pop with it's predictable unpredictability and that's the inspiration for this weekend. Enjoy

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