Saturday, June 23, 2012

Disco Photography

Friday, June 22, 2012

It's NYC Gay Pride!

It's Gay Pride weekend in New York City and we are celebrating 43 years of the Stonewall Inn uprising which became a turning point and symbol for gay, lesbian, bi and transgender liberation.  I have celebrated many gay prides in different cities but nothing compares to the vitality we have here in our city.   Here are two songs that to me, captures the spirit and the wide spectrum to celebrate such occasion.  Although not explicitly with a gay message, we have "Elements", a song that was on heavy rotation at the Tunnel and then club Vinyl  during the later part of the '90s which brings back the glory days of big dance venues that sadly no longer exist due to the Internet and the commercialization of the city.  Produced by legendary DJ Danny Tenaglia and released December of 1997 and later on his debut LP Tourism, in his own voice, the song tells us a recipe or guidelines "elements" needed to make a great underground dance track.  If there is soundtrack to that era of communal dancing that began the movement of Tribal dance music during that period of New York club history, this one would be high on my list. The other song featured here is Al Tanner's "Doing Our Own Thang" from the amazing rare disco compilation release from last year:  The Best Of Disco Demand. This one brings back a '70s Fire Island vibe full of hedonism and camp with a throbbing bass and funk with the fabulous lyrics of freedom to do our own thing many times over.  So let's continue the fight to do our own thing without any judgement. It's our right! Happy Gay Pride and enjoy!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Jealousy And Lies

Here is a stunning 1988 house classic that I recently discovered while listening to a recent mix by German Dj and producer Chrisopher Rau on Beats In Space.  I was mesmerized by "Jealousy and Lies" by Julian Jonah and surprised that I've never heard of this amazing house song.  The song's visceral message combined with the understated orchestration and low key synth makes this a true classic.  There was something familiar about it also and through research I learned it was sampled by Electribe 101's down tempo classic "Talking With Myself" which is quite a gorgeous song and had to include in this posting as well.  There are fourteen versions of Talking With Myself! Here is the Canny Remix.  Also, the Instrumental and the Alternative Dance Mix version of "Jealousy" are also great to listen. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Casanova Brown

Here is a classic by other disco queen Gloria Gaynor.  Released in 1975 as single in Germany on MGM  Records and produced by Jay Ellis, Meco Monado and Tony Bongiovi.  This lush song keeps on giving with a break here that is total bliss. Happy Saturday!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Disco Photography: Going out tonight!

Babarabatiri time

Here is a fabulous tropical disco salsa house to celebrate this hot weather we've been experiencing lately.  "Babarabatiri" by Gypsymen was released in 2001 and produced by legendary Todd Terry. In actuality this  a cover version of a Cuban record from the late '50s by Beni More and samples from Perez Prado.  Tito Puente also did his own interpretation and it is believed to be his greatest song ever.   The Quantic Soul Orchestra did an amazing job also infusing funk elements.  So here are the three favorite versions all in their glory for your listening pleasure and tastes. And of course the original by Beni More and His Orchestra Gigante.  Disfrutalos que esta fantastico!