Tuesday, March 16, 2010

You Can't Hide

Happy Monday and the work week has started. What a rainy and stormy weekend it was! I'm staring this week on sleepy mode. I'm still getting used to the new time change. Today's song inspiration is by David Joseph's 1983 song "You Can't Hide (Your Love From Me)". That's right. I couldn't find much information on this guy but I did hear some killer mixes by Souledz. I love the breaks and the overall feel of this song. It is pure 80's disco soul and brings back memories of college partying at a club called Juniors in Hammond, Louisiana. I used to work a similar outfit pictured on album cover. Black and white, big belt buckle and skinny black tie was sort of 80's mod back then. I also heard that Larry Levan used to play this a lot at Paradise Garage. A pure classic.

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