Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Last week marked the 25th anniversary of the release debut of one of my favorite synth duo of all times the Pet Shop Boys.  Please became a sort of a blue print for their future releases that practically revolutionized dance music, more on that later since that in itself deserves another posting.  To commemorate this amazing release here is "Paninero". This song was the B-side of their single release of "Suburbia".  The song is about Italian youth culture known as the paninari derived from the word panino, Italian for sandwich, they were known for congregating in restaurants serving sandwiches and in the first US-style fast food restaurants, as well as their preference for designer clothing and 1980's pop music such as Duran Duran and Thompson Twins.  "Paninaro" is one of the few Pet Shop Boys songs that features Chris Lowe on vocals.  Neil Tennant, meanwhile, only sings the title repeatedly in intervals.  The main lyrical motif consists of eight words:
Passion and love and sex and money
Violence, religion, injustice and death

These words are repeated at the end of the song in a soliloquy to the singer's "lover".  In reference to the fashion of the paninari, references to prestigious Italian fashion designers are repeated.
Here is the original song and the fierce '95 Angel Moraes remix.  Both dance classics. Enjoy


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Dark Side Of House

It has been so hectic lately since I am in the midst of a theatre production with my other work leaving me depleted to post in here, so I will be brief.  However this has not stop me from listening to some fresh interesting haunting new House by this amazing Toronto duo aptly named Art Department comprised of house legend Kenny Glasgow in partnership with Jonny White.  Art Department made everyone listen with their debut in 2009 "Without You".  It was named record of the year by Groove Magazine in Germany and became top five for both Mixmag and DJ Magazine in the UK. "Without You" is a gem of a dance tune that truly enraptures the listener.  Their sound is inspired by early Chicago house and  early '90s reminding me  a little bit of the Murk sound and Robert Owens.  Yet these guys take on a darker mood with some simple synth stylings fused with a sincerity unheard of in dance music.  "The Drawing Board" is a dark and twisted musical journey that takes a while to get used to yet it haunts the listener into new house terrain.  An evident delivery of a pure syncopated dynamic soundscapes and dare I say simplicity in their format that seems to work.  This a must record for 2011 for those dance enthusiasts.  I highly recommend this to give a proper listen.  Right now I'm loving the twisted "ICU". Enjoy!

ICU - Art Department

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'll House U

Here is  sublime remix of house anthem "I'll House You" by Jungle Brothers  re-worked here by British producer Leo Zero.  Earlier in 2010 he released an amazing mix of songs titled Disconnect: Leo Zero.  A must have collection of great songs!  There is so much chic and glamour put into this version. I'm loving it and I'm planning on featuring on an upcoming mix that's in the works. This song is usually not so difficult to remix since the Housapella version provides good material to lay over anything with great beats.  Here is one of Glamjack's own take on this emblematic song paying homage to the year 2000's trance/rave craze.  I'm throwing the original a little slowed down for good measure also. Enjoy!

I'll House U (Leo Zero's Re-Work) - Jungle Brothers

I'll House U (Glamjack 2000 Remix) - Jungle Brothers

I'll House You - Jungle Brothers

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Work For Love

Here is an amazing song that I probably haven't hear since the '80s, "Work For Love" by legendary band Ministry.  Al Jourgensen began Ministry in Chicago, Illinois in 1981.  The original line-up consisted  mainly of Jourgensen on vocals and guitar, Stephen George on drums , Robert Roberts and John Davis on keyboards.  The band's image would begin  to focus more on Jourgensen and Stephen George. Their original sound was essentially New Wave synthpop that was more melodic and stylized than the aggressive music for which they would become known for later.   Minstry released four 12" singles on Wax Trax! Records from 1981 to 1984 (anthologized on Twelve Inch Singles that featured the dance/Goth favorite "Everyday is Halloween". Their fist LP, With Sympathy, was issued on Arista Records in 1983.  According to my friend Wiki,  Jourgensen always felt pressured into making the album in the "synthpop" style by Arista management and he is ashamed to be associated with this project. With Sympathy was released as Work For Love under BMG in Europe with the same cover.  The cover  featured here was from  the 12" single release  of "Work For Love" with an amazing Dub version and Extended one.   This brought me back to the days of Xanthus in Baton Rouge and Chaps in New Orleans. Enjoy and remember..."you got to work for love".

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Come Into My Kitchen

Already May! It's hard to believe how fast this year is moving.  Here is a very interesting tune I just recently discovered that somehow reminds me a little of Jamie Principle's House Classic "Baby Wants To Ride".  It is called "Come Into My Kitchen" by a duo of Dj's by the name of Daniel Lazarus and Joakim.   Daniel Lazarus's Crosstown Rebels imprint has become a force to reckon with in the new electronic dance underground sound.  Released in 2004, this song was featured on Lazarus first compilation CD titled Crosstown Rebels Presents Rebel Futurism with a healthy mix fusing house, techno, breakbeat and electro with a punk attitude.  I'm also featuring "Baby Wants To Ride" for good measure. Enjoy!

Come Into My Kitchen ( Chateau Flight Mix) - Daniel Lazarus and Joakim

Baby Wants To Ride - Jamie Principle