Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Sweet Summer Suite

The Summer blockbuster of the year 2011 did not arrive from Hollywood instead it was delivered, produced and directed by the Media and the Government.  First we had an earthquake in Nyc with all the media focus to deter us on what's a hand with the economy and now we have hurricane Irene headed to our city. How the media and local government are doing their best to instill fear by literally projecting what could happen to NYC when in reality we probably are going to have a severe storm with perhaps some wind and heavy rain.  It is important to be precocious during times like this however,  the puppetry machine of the media and government is sidetracking us with what's at hand by instilling more fear.  The "what ifs" seems to be more important than the "what is" of the now.  Mayor Bloomberg is doing his best to change his tarnished reputation due to the lack of unpreparedness during last winter's snowstorm and using Irene as a platform to change it. One thing for sure is that fear helps the economy.  I was recently at a super market and things were flying off the shelves.  This leaves me only to reflect and think about what would be an appropiate song to post in here.  Many ideas but rather than politicizing I prefer to  "discosize" it by presenting The Love Unlimited Orchestra's "My Sweet Summer Suite" which  evokes impending doom staring with a long Afro-Latin percussion intro with a relentless pattern to heighten the impact of the song's main section, so that when the strings finally  burst in, as they inevitably do, it feels  like a hurricane touching down. This stunning moment is worth the whole song.  Just like what is happening now!  I got my flash light, candles, lots of can goods and water by the way. Enjoy!

My Sweet Summer Suite - Love Unlimited Orchestra Download

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

RIP Nick Ashford

It's heart breaking to found out the passing of one of the greatest.   Nick Ashford graced this earth and gave us the most beautiful and heart felt music ever written.  You will be missed and your music will always live on forever in our hearts.  On the dance floors you touch us like no one else. At home you soothe us with your love and warmth.   Here is a song that always bring warmth to mine among the many others too hard to choose. What a gift! What a beautiful soul!

It'll Come, It'll Come, It'll Come - Ashford & Simpson  Download

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fly Away/Walking in the Sunshine

Here is a nice sweet summer tune with such perfect timing and I totally forgot about it!  "Fly Away/Walking in the Sunshine" by Danish group Laid Back was recently played as the closing song during James Murphy's brilliant live mix show for Beats In Space this past Tuesday.   Laid Back was formed in 1979 in Copenhagen by John Guldberg on vocals, guitars, bass and Tim Stahl also vocals, keyboards, drums and bass.  They are best known for the hits "Sunshine Reggae" and the legendary dance classic " White Horse" during the early '80s.  I recently discovered that they are still active and have always been releasing music since the '80s and I must say that their newer material  is also brilliant. I regard them as the Danish Pet Shop Boys!  This song is from their 1983 LP  Keep Smiling and it's putting me in the mood for the nice vacation ahead! Enjoy

Fly Away/Walking in the Sunshine - Laid Back   Download

Friday, August 19, 2011


Rain, rain rain....and as far as music concerns it seems I'm on a Paul Weller fixation upon discovering this fresh new release and remix of "Starlite".  Remixed brilliantly by Drop Out Orchestra which it seems like they also have a fixation with his music as well.   Here is the original as well.  This is pure bliss, I must say!  Hope this puts you in the mood for this rainy Friday!

Starlite ( Drop Out Orchestra  Remix) - Paul Weller  Download

Starlite (Original) - Paul Weller   Download

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Promised Land

Here is a wonderful song that has put me in a good mood after watching all the sad news of the world lately.  Specially what's going on in Lybia.  I hope this people find their freedom from dictatorship so they can enjoy their "promised land".  I consider the Style Council to be the quintessential '80s group.  Style Council was basically the brainchild of Paul Weller and Mick Talbot.  With a wide diversity of styles, the band released some of the most memorable songs that clearly reflect and defined that fabulous yet fickle decade.    "Promised Land" was actually a cover version of Joe Smooth amazing house classic.  The song defined  their desire to move to a more house sound at that time when they released the hard to find and last record titled Modernist: A New Decade which was never released officially and it was dropped by Polydor records causing the band to split.  I have heard the album in bits and pieces all I can say is that is pure house bliss. I am diligently searching for a copy of this rare gem.  In the meantime I'm enjoying and settling for this one and I must say that  Drop Out Orchestra has done a brilliant work to this '80s house classic.  Enjoy!

Promised Land (Drop Out Orchestra Re-Edit) - The Style Council        Download

Sunday, August 14, 2011

August Mix

Here is the August mix by Dj Glamjack.  Spending the summer in New York City has inspired me to make this eclectic mix .  Enjoy it!

Track List

  1.    Mia Farrow & Dick Hazard - Main Title (Vocal) [From "Rosemary's Baby"]
  2.   Die Vogel - Petardo
  3.   Todd Terje - Schnooze 4 Love
  4.   Barefoot Jerry - Come To Me Tonight
  5.   Babe Ruth - Elusive
  6.   Moodymann - Meanwhile Back At Home
  7.   Funkadiba - Barabba Funk
  8.   Luciano - Los NiƱos de Fuera (Original Mix)
  9.   Love Unliminted - I'm So Glad That I'm A Woman
10.  John Dasilva - Love Is All We Need (Original Mix)
11.  Connie - Funkie Little Beat
12. Oby Onyihoa - Enjoy Your Life
13. Doctor Dru & Adana Twins - Juicy Fruit (Sloth Boogie Re Biggie)
14. Atapy -  Move Baby
15. Cut Copy - Blink And You'll Miss A Revolution (Toro Y Moi Remix)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

American Love with Horse Meat Disco

Here is a fabulous song that I re-rediscovered by French singer-songwriter Rose Laurens thanks to the new amazing new Horse Meat Disco's third installment disco/dance compilation.  Rose Laurens became famous for her 1982 smash single "Africa", which hit number three in many European countries.  She was also the singer for the original French version of the song "I Dream a Dream".  Horse Meat Disco is the acclaimed London DJ collective who are responsible for bringing a series of compilations of rare disco, '80s boogie, electro, fresh edits and all-new dance floor discoveries.  The collective is composed of DJs James Hillard, Jim Stanton, Severino Panzetta and Filthy Luca.  Their new compilation: 
Horse Meat Disco III.  This is an amazing collection of fierce songs bringing some rare and familiar disco into a new realm.   I just had the pleasure of experiencing them live for the first time at Gowanus Grove this past Sunday as part of the Mr. Sunday lineup and all I have to say is the that they "served church".  "American Love" is a sample of what they serve.  This is a must have compilation!