Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Giving up

Today I'm posting a song to commemorate 6 months of being smoke free. It has been the hardest choice I've ever made. I started smoking since I was 16 years old! talk about a 27 year love affair with nicotine. I did it "cold turkey" and it still feels very raw. I still have moments of craving but those moments seem to vanish every day! I am determined to beat this addiction which I compare to an unhealthy love affair. I don't want to get preachy here so let's face the music! This is a song about giving up a hard love affair and the message keeps me going during those hard moments. Zulema was a member of Hope, Faith & Charity before she went solo. Her songs are nothing short of fierce and are filled with such empowering messages. She is best known for her single mother anthem "This Child of Mine". "Giving Up" was the peak song at discos such as Flamingo, 12 West and the legendary Nicky Siano's Gallery during the mid 70's. Also, this song is referenced several times in Andrew Holleran's haunting and brilliant novel about gay 70's hedonism Dancer From The Dance. Enjoy!

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