Friday, December 19, 2014

Winter Melody: Missing Donna

Here is some sweet Donna Summer to warm you up during the cold winter nights! I'm missing this lady around this time of year.  Wishing everyone a very joyous and happy of holidays filled with kindness and peace. Much love!

Disco Monk/Dj Glamjack

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

1990 South Bank Show with Vivienne Westwood Part 1 & 2 and Bow Wow Wow

Here is a very intriguing world where music, art and fashion meet.  Vivienne Westwood,  a true genius and my favorite designers of all times! Learn it/Live it because no ones like that anymore!

 I could listen to her forever! Brilliant!


and here is the amazing video by Bow Wow Wow! Enjoy

Saturday, December 6, 2014

The enduring brilliance of Chicago House: Shake Your Body

Here are two versions of a huge house classic "Shake Your Body" by Jeanette "JT" Thomas to get your Saturday groove going. It was produced and mixed by legendary Mitchbal at Time Zone Studio in Chicago.  This song pretty much epitomizes the brilliance of Chicago house music.   I'm including Timmy Regisford's daring edit as well. It is a slightly different take than the originally, longer with heavier bass breaks and some nice conga riffs sprinkled to heighten the vibe.  Nothing beats the original but it still holds up pretty well and still sounds daringly amazing to this day! Enjoy

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Disco Photography: Chic Men

Nile Rogers, Tony Thompson, Bernard Edwards

Here is a beautiful photo of the men of Chic and a great song to go along with it! Hope everyone had a happy holiday this weekend. Enjoy

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Disco Photography: Divas to the dance floor please!

Happy Sunday. Here is the break from house and voguing classic "In The Mix" by Mix Masters from DJ International channeling back the days of nyc's Sound Factory circa 1990 with DJ Junior Vazquez! Enjoy!

Derrick Magnifique, 1989

Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Glamjack Presure Cooker Mashup

New remix hot off the press! Here is crazy mashup using one Brazil's most beloved songs "Manhã de Carnaval" featured on one of my favorite Brazilian films Black Orpheus with DIII's insane house anthem "Pressure Cooker".

Friday, November 7, 2014

Paying homage to the great Arthur Russell

Recently released, this amazing compilation celebrating the legacy and work of one of the greats of dance, experimental, classical and folk, Arthur Russell delivered by the Red Hot Organization, a not for profit international organization dedicated to fighting AIDS through pop culture. This offering titled Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Russell is a very nice hefty catalogue consisting of 26 well crafted re-interpretations, interludes and covers ranging from Hot Chip, Robyn, Sufjan Stevens, Scissor Sisters and Davendra Banhart to name a few showcasing the genius, depth and prolific nature of his music which is still clearly showing some rippling effects in today's music. Standouts are Jose Gonzale's interpretation of "This is How We Walk The Moon" and Blood Orange's seamless mash-up of "It's All Over Your Face and Tower Of Meaning".  Honorable mention goes to Hot Chip's cover of  dance classic"Go Bang" which manages to capture the fun and weirdness of the original. There are a few near misses but for the most part is well edited with some interesting takes making this a must have for fans of Arthur Russell.  Enjoy!