Thursday, January 23, 2014

Disco Photography: Magic Mandrake

The dance floor at Backstreet, a legendary 24-hour gay club, 1978. 

Here is great quirky disco song by The Sarr Band, "Magic Mandrake". The picture above was from the dance floor at Backstreet, a legendary 24-hour gay club in 1978 and it totally inspired to post this song! Enjoy

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Body and Soul: MLK Weekend 2014

Francois K, Joe Clausell, Danny Krivit
I went to Body & Soul this past Sunday for their MLK party. It has been almost a year since I have not been to their parties and paid some respect to this truly classic New York experience.   I feel Webster Hall is by far the best place for their parties with its majestic ballroom feel and spacious   interior adding so much vibe to this legendary gathering.  Very old school indeed it was,  I loved that it never felt way too crowded even during the eight to twelve peak time which gave lots of space for the disco interpretive dancer in me! All and all it was full of love as the party went on with a plethora of dance classics too many to mention and even some beautiful sounding interesting new stuff. The trio of master DJ's Mr. Clausell, Kevorkian and Krivit delivered and serviced well to the discerning crowd with their eclectic and timely choices giving me many chills during the night.  I have to say even though I have never experience the Loft,  it felt very much like it! I stayed until the sweet end as the sea of balloons descended on the dance floor bringing the child in all of us while we were serenaded by the gorgeous Gregory Porter's "Wind Song".  It was heavenly and timeless. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Whistle Song

Here is a house anthem that I had recently re-visited and gave it a listen.  An instrumental masterpiece for the dance floor that asked the dancer to just let go.  Every instrument you heard had so much texture and melody. It was conceived by "Godfather of House" Frankie Knuckles  in 1991 as the first single from his debut album Beyond The Mix as producer of original material which now it stands as a house classic that delivered many great dance floor anthems as well. I remember vividly the overall feeling on the dance floor was "life goes on: in the midst of so much death whenever it was played". It was a somber, meditative and beautiful homage of those who passed since it was a hard time to go out and dance when so many loved ones were dying or gone during that period.   It's such a time capsule to hear it now yet it's still beautiful to listen. Enjoy and celebrate life!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Addendum: Alluvion Expo

Here is a haunting remix I just finished to start this new year.  I took several sources but it's mostly a remix of L. Pierre's "Addendum: Alluvion" from his aural experimental LP The Island Come True.  The remix is raw, fractured and intentionally de-constructive.  Enjoy!