Saturday, March 20, 2010

Common Thief

Lordah! It has been hectic these past two days, Spring is here and I wanted to begin this posting by appreciating all of you for your wonderful and encouraging comments on previous posts. For inspiration, I continue to pay my respects to the "other" ladies of disco by featuring a song by none other than the late Vicki Sue Robinson. "Common Thief" was a great disco song that was overshadowed by the huge success of "Turn The Beat Around". The song is from her 1976 debut album Never Gonna Let You Go . Most of the songs on this album are simply brilliant by combining them with the raw emotion of a blues singer and the reckless improvisation of a bebop singer. She started her career as an actor on Broadway; she was in Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar. "Common Thief" follows her usual over-the-edge vocals combined with congas in your face and amazing ascending bass riff. This song is pure Philadelphia sound. No wonder she was born there! Enjoy

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