Thursday, July 29, 2010

Samba Samba

It has been crazy hot in the city and I am inspired to post some tropical fare here. This is a song I recently discovered called "Samba Samba" by Elkin & Nelson.  They are a pair of  Colombian brothers who moved to Madrid during the mid '70s and started playing a couple of beat up acoustics in clubs around town.  Their style was rougher and earthy than the typical acts of the time and they weren't afraid to cover Western radio tunes either.  It quickly let to this self titled album produced by Juan Pardo (Los Brincos, Juan & Junior).  Juan got them an electric keyboard player, a great' guitarist, dressed them into tight and androgynous glam outfits and allowed them to soar.   With Infectious maracas and slick touches from the other studio musicians, they became popular among discos and DJ's during the mid '70s during the end of those sweaty summer nights of dancing.  They also did a great version of "Light My Fire" on this LP.  

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