Friday, July 23, 2010

Take Some Time Out

Happy Friday! Yesterday, I was going through my record collection and came across this great record and realized I did not mention Arnold Jarvis on a recent post I did about the male and soulful side of early house music which focused on Paris Brithledge's "Learn To Love" and his connection to DJ International.  On that posting, I also mentioned other greats such as Robert Owens and Rocky Jones and completely forgot the most compelling one.  Arnold Jarvis,  who is now considered one of the premier voices in house music today.  Like many singers, Jarvis received his initial exposure to music via gospel, which he performed as a teenager and that probably explains why his voice has the healing touch .  His secular career began in 1987, when he recorded "Take Some Time Out" for the legendary Fourth Floor Label.   This song made him an instant star on the dance music circuit and jump stared his career.  He then joined forces with the legendary Frankie Knuckles and David Morales with house classics such as "And I Loved You" and "Tears".  Arnold is still very much relevant in the dance music scene and  releasing poignant, beautiful and lush dance songs such as "Inspiration" and "Special Kind Of Love". Dance songs that make you move but also transcend and speak volumes on the dance floor!  Enjoy this amazing end of the week song!

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