Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Don Quichotte

"No No No....No Señor....." Oh yes, believe me when I tell you this song made everyone dance in 1986! Well at least in all the alterna-gay clubs where this song influenced a new cool and more subtle "camp" style that blened post new romantic style with a more loose Latin flavor. Other bands such as Les Rita Misouko, Bandolero and the Colourfield where heading the front for this style of music. "Don Quichotte" was actually the perfect early 80's Italo House song by French synth pop group Magazine 60. Members included Jean-Luc Drion and Dominique Regiacorte. The female lead singer's name was Veronique Oliver. They only released only one full length LP called Costa Del Sol and several 12" single releases from the same LP, "Pancho Villa" and "Que No Sa" were among them. Although this style of music was heavily influenced by the Italo House movement in dance music that swept Europe during the mid to late 80's, Magazine 60 put a twist and added a lot of Spanish Pop influences to the point that their music should have been called Spano House. I remember being barely legal and dancing to this song at the only "alternative" club in New Orleans off St. Charles St. called "Chaps". Also, this song was very popular at a place in Baton Rouge called "Xantus". I have memories of wearing pointed patent leather shoes with big buckles, a long black skirt, a white shirt and tie and round John Lenon sun glasses and seriously dancing to this song. Talk about subtle camp! Enjoy


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  1. always loved this one. and you know i love me some les rita misouko...marcia baila. thanks for posting this. love you sistah!