Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Here is a song by one of my other favorite of the Disco orchestras. "Ma-Mo-Ah" was the first song put under the Tony Valor Sounds Orchestra. Tony Valor was born in Sicily, but at the age of one his family moved to Brooklyn, NY where his father who was a record shop owner and dancer instilled music to the younger Valor and encouraged him to sing as well as learn to play the piano, guitar and drums. By the time he reached his teens Valor was singing on street corners in Brooklyn and the rest is disco history. Valor sang vocals with other groups such as The Impalas and the Classics but it wasn't until the '70s when he was doing what was to become early Disco music. "Ma-Mo-Ah" was inspired after hearing music by Mongo Santamaria. and it was first released as a 7 inch single and later as a Brunswick 12 inch single in 1977 as "Ma-Mo-Ah (Take II)." The Take II stems from the fact that it was actually a remix by Tom Moulton with added percussion. "Ma-Mo-Ah" was a worldwide smash in 1977 and has been released a few times since then. Valor said'; "It gets sampled a lot and how I can tell is there was something I did in that record that has not been done before since. I encoded certain things in DBX....so it had this particular sound. No one knows how I did it and if they take the sample they can't change that." Indeed, nothing can change the fabulous disco sound of Tony Valor Sounds Orchestra! Enjoy


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