Monday, July 26, 2010

Disco Promenade Sentimentale by Glamjack

It has been a while since I have posted one my own re-works or mash-ups, so here is one my latest.  The song is by one of my favorite current piano composers Vladimir Cosma's "Promenade Sentimentale".  Vladimir,  born in Bucharest, Romania is a French composer and conductor from a very prestigious lineage of musicians.   He has composed several French film scores and to me this is one of his best from the great film Diva.  It was while watching this film that I fell in love with his music and I never get tired of hearing this song!  Why make a disco version out a brilliant song? Well, I was inspired by the fact that during the late '70s, disco music had reached such a peak and became so saturated that producers and performers wanted to cash in and began to make disco versions out of anything they get their hands on, from musicals, classical songs and/or anything else that had any historical or stylistic musical references.   So here it is, "Promenade Sentimentale" done disco style. I used a break from Free Life's "Express Yourself".  A song featured during my previous posing on Gospel Disco.  Whether this is cheese or not, I  hope you enjoy it!

Promenade Sentimentale (Glamjack Disco Version) - Vladimir Cosma


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