Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blend - A Glamjack Mix

Here is the third mix from Dj Glamjack. It is simply called Blend. I was inspired on the idea of the blend between songs by using accapella intros which are always useful when introducing a new song during the mix. The mix begins with a very hilarious take on Chuck Rogers preachy house anthem "My House" which I found as the intro from a superb mix by Michael Mayer. Also it is important to note the fact that this mix contains a couple of excerpts from two other brilliant mixes I found on the music blog world. The first is one from a Tim Sweeney from his amazing Beats In Space blog and it includes an unknown song I believe is from Bunblebee Unlimited and the other is a mystery to me. Also, the other excerpt is from legendary British deejay Greg Wilson who does a very interesting take of Mann Friday's "Love Money, Love Heartache" and Chic's "I Want Your Love". Other stand outs are a Glamjack treatment of "Nervous Acid" by Bobby Konders. Enjoy!

Blend - A Glamjack Mix Track Listing

1. Intro- My House- Intro from a Michael Mayer Mix
2. Segue- Two songs from a Tim Sweeney Mix
3. Macho City - Steve Miller Band
4. New York City (Rub n Tug Remix) Beasty Boys
5. One Of These Nights (A Jimmy Michaels Mix)- The Eagles
6. As Long As You Love Me (Walter Gibbons Mix)-
True Example
7. Nervous Acid (House Rhythms) A Love & Happiness
Glamjack Treatment - Bobby Konders
8. Closer, Closer - Celi Bee
9. Love Money, Love Heartache (Greg Wilson Mix) -
Mann Friday
10. I Want You Love (Greg Wilson Mix) - Chic
11. I Don't Know If It's Right (Extended Disco Version) -
Evelyn "Champange" King
12. Pagliacci - Maynard Ferguson

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