Saturday, July 10, 2010

Slackness and Sax

In the spirit of me slacking for not posting lately, here is a song called "Slackness and Sax" from Massive Sounds. Massive Sounds is the brainchild of house legend Bobby Konders who has given us amazing acid/jazz influenced deep house. Most of the songs on this compilation are instrumental and infuse some crazy hard pounding beats accompanied with some beautiful flute and saxophone arrangements. This sound might verge towards the dark side of dance music and rightly so since it probably reflected a time when the clubs where hard hit by the AIDS epidemic specifically around New York city where clubs such as Shelter, Sound Factory, The Tunnel and countless others became dark shrines for those who where affected by this terrible disease. On the brighter side this was the time when house music from New York reclaimed it's throne and paved the way for the more eclectic sound of house music of the '90s. Enjoy

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