Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ce Soir (Je Sens que tout peut m'arriver)

"Ce Soir (Je Sens que tout peut m'arriver)" according to google translator  means "Tonight I am meaning that anything can happen".  Ummm... I wonder....Anyhow, this is a song that I love very much by Adrienne Ste-Claire. She was part of the trio called Beauregard, Violetti & Ste-Claire also simply known as BVS.  During the mid '70s this group titillated everyone with provocative titles such as "Orgasm", "Undo Your Blouse" and "Frenzy".  Although it was obvious they were influenced by David Bowie and The Bee Gees, this trio made quite a stir in Europe and Canada with their musical style that was unique and unlike anything else at the time.   Their first album,  En Plein Orgasme (In Full Orgasm) is full of beautiful rock ballads, early disco and Glam in a style that is sensual and bitter at the same time.  It was only launched in Quebec and France, featuring one of the most beautiful cover art ever seen for an album in Quebec.  The photo is a result of the work of Daniel Poulin, and the mouth belongs to the comedian and actress Dolores McDonough.  This cover art caused controversy at the time but ironically not about it's sensual nature but rather because of the fact that the record company CBS in Montreal released the rights and the same concept was used for a Wild Cherry LP cover that has become quite famous.  This infuriated the members of the group, a lawsuit ensued and the group is no longer registered for CBS.  I found this album at a Montreal record shop about four years ago. The clerk informed me that this is considered a total classic and it is a hard to find LP.  This is an amazing record that informs the beginnings of Disco, funk and 70's rock with a French twist.  This album also contains a fierce French version of LaBelle's "What Can You Do For Me"which I am planning on posting it in the near future. In the meantime enjoy "Ce Soir"!

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