Monday, August 2, 2010

Ol' Dirty Vinyl (You Used To Know)

I'm in the "mood" to post something fairly new and this one goes to all of those old vinyl collectors out there.  I have been trying to find this song from the first time I've heard it a couple of months ago in bits and pieces from an on line mix and had no idea who they were until I came across the playlist.  I was taken by the conceptual and rough feel of this song.  Moody has been around since the late '90s or so and have been known to traverse a range of styles, from cracked jazz to his trademark low-slung house sound.  I have heard of them before but never like this.  This is from their latest Phonica Record's new limited edition 12" EP featuring five previously unreleased tracks from the vaults.  "Ol' Dirty Vinyl (U Used To Know)" is the lead track here and it was apparently recorded in three hours in Vienna in some hotel near a castle.  Enjoy!

Ol' Dirty Vinyl - Moodymann

Black Mahogani

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