Sunday, July 18, 2010

Learn To Love

Here is a song from one of my favorite house music labels of all time, D. J. International. Based in Chicago and founded by Rocky Jones in 1985, this music label was responsible for some of the most amazing vocal house music that came out of the 80's. Unlike the Trax label ( another one of my favorite) which focused on the more instrumental and experimental side of house music, DJ International focused on the more soulful side and enjoyed commercial success during the late '80s. If you would ask me to name my top 10 vocal house songs of all time, "Learn To Love" would be high on my list. This song was performed by enigmatic singer from Chicago, Paris Brightledge who had several massive underground hits with DJ International with Sterling Void. Paris is considered among the best of the house vocalists of that era along with the likes of Robert Owens and Peter Black. Paris is still very active and making some great lyrical house music. Enjoy!

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