Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar Night: Theme From King Kong

Tonight are the Oscars and what a better way to get into the spirit Disco Monk style with the brilliant interpretation of  the "Theme From King Kong" with Barry White's brainchild, the Love Unlimited Orchestra.  This epic song captures and parallels the epic quality of the movie without missing a beat with such polished glamour that shines just as much as the statues that will be given out tonight.  This song was based from John Barry's original composed theme from the 1977's version of King Kong which stared one of my favorite actress,  Jessica Lange.  This version was also a minor dance hit, though the song didn't soar to the very top of the charts as did "Love's Theme", this song features sweeping strings, driving bass lines, and all the other ingredients that categorized a White song.  Cheers to Oscars!

Jessica Lange in King Kong
Theme From King Kong - Love Unlimited Orchestra

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