Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Here is a sweet song I just discovered by I-Level called "Minefield".  Upon first listen, I realized that they sound familiar and realized they were the same people who did the smashing dance classic "Give Me".  I- Level was a short-term U.K. band consisting of Duncan Bridgeman, Jo Dworniak, and Sam Jones. Bridgeman and Dworniak, both from Essex, England and met through a classified ad in Melody Maker.  Classified ad on a music magazine? This  kind of encounter probably would never take place in todays time!  The group formed in 1981 and signed with Virgin Records.  Their sound was considered smooth R&B/Reggae along the lines of English Beat.  Although "Give Me" it's a great song and deserves a posting here, I'm opting to post this one here.  Enjoy!

Minefield - I-Level- Virgin


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