Thursday, February 10, 2011

As The Time Goes By

This week has gone so fast in grand New York style and here is a song that reflects that mood.  "As The Time Goes By" is a song by British blue-eyed funk band Funkapolitan.  Following on the footsteps of  bands such as Haircut 1000,  A Certain Ratio and The Hollies during the '80s, this eight-man band, made some amazing dance/pop/funk songs that were loved by the dance world.  Produced by August Darnell who is famously known as Kid Creole, this band incorporated a healthy blend of many styles ranging from Latin grooves to synthesizers to funk elements.  This song was a Paradise Garage classic and Larry Levan would drop this during his peak hours as a testament of his wide spectrum of music styles that made him a star DJ.  The cover art is brilliant! I heard this is a hard to fine vinyl and I'm loving this song, specially during those hard winter days "as the time goes by"wishing for the new season to break soon! In the meantime just enjoy this gem and dance along.

As The Time Goes By - Funkapolitan - London Records

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