Friday, February 4, 2011

Let Me Show You The Way To Go

Here is a very nice and stunning tribute to the King Of Pop to start your weekend.   "Let Me Show You The Way To Go" was originally released from the Jackson's 1976's self titled album after dropping the "5" and it was their first one for Epic records after leaving Motown.  With youngest brother Randy replacing Jermanine who stayed with Motown, the band moved from the Motown production machine to the Philly Soul engineers Gamble & Huff.   Mr. Gamble & Huff provided a more mature sound with their trademark lush orchestrations.  Featured here is an interesting rework/homage by Social Disco Club.  Humberto Matias is the mastermind behind Social Disco Club and a hugely respected DJ who is a native from Portugal.  Humberto actually started his passion for disco by creating a blog just like this one.  This song is book ended with what it is now a nostalgic interview of Michael Jackson that pretty much sums up his true essence and segue into a long intro of the original making almost instrumental.  It is a beautiful and sublime homage to the genius and soul of Michael.  Included in this post also is the original for good measure.  Enjoy!

Let Me Show You (Social Disco Club Re-Tribute) - The Jacksons - Epic

Let Me Show You The Way To Go - The Jacksons - Epic

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