Saturday, February 26, 2011

In The Heat Of The Night

Great weather today and to celebrate some heat here is a very twisted early precursor of house music to warm you up for this Saturday night called"In The Heat (Of The Night)" by Klinte Jones. The song starts off as your typical r&b influenced dance tune that was very common around the time, however, as the song progresses it starts to get jucier and more interesting with some amazing synth strings with some early house undertones and vocals that was used to death during the late '80s.   There is very little information on Mr. Jones on line except this song was produced in collaboration with the legendary disco producer Mr. Patrick Adams and mixed by Tony Humpries in 1984. Also, he did some work for the Jamaica Girls and probably worked with Larry Levan as well.  I discovered this song upon reading a playlist of Paradise Garage classics and I am sure this was  classic.  Enjoy!

In The Heat (Of The Night) - Klinte Jones - Oh My! Records

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