Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr. Vincent Montana Jr.!

"the look that's love it's outta sight....two together....alright" and that's how it begins right after a sweet flute intro from this smashing and sexy song by Goody Goody called "It Looks Like Love".  Goody Goody it's the product of legendary Vincent Montana Jr. from the Montana Orchestra.  Recorded in 1978 this song has some the best flute and violin combinations making this a dreamy and sexy sound scape to heat up any dance floor any day, specially around this season.  Celebrating his 83rd birthday today, Mr. Monana  is an American composer, arranger and percussionist, most known as a member of MFSB and the founder of the Salsoul Orchestra.  He is the spiritual father of the Salsoul Orchestra, the backing band for the many acts on Salsoul Records.  The personnel of MFSB and the Salsoul Orchestra have overlapped substantially, and both groups were recorded at Philadelphias's famous Sigma Sound Studios.  This legendary disco figure has practically defined the golden era of Disco.  In recent years Mr. Montana has worked with house music duo Masters at Work, which has rekindled interested in his work.  He also did an amazing work with Pet Shop Boy's "New York City Boy" and recently collaborated on Dimitry From Paris' own tribute to the Philly Sound.   Ken Cayre, founder of Salsoul Records, has praised Montana's skill at scoring strings, brass, and diverse percussion in such way that it all worked within a dance recording.  As Montana was among the first with his considerable training and skill to apply such scoring technique to disco-oriented recordings, it is safe to say he is a true pioneer in the field.  Happy Birthday Mr. Montana and wishing you many more!


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