Sunday, February 6, 2011

Love Dancing

This a great new release by Strut Records that I have been devouring lately.  A group of musicians composed of Arthur Russell's close friends and collaborators have decided to get together and release a record in order to pay tribute to his genius and continuing on his legacy who rightly call themselves Arthur's Landing.  Members include Ernie Brooks, Mustafa Ahmed, Joyce Bowden, Steven Hall, Eloide Lauten, Bill Ruyle, John Scherman and Peter Zummon.    This is one the best tributes that focuses on the wide spectrum of Arthur's music.  "I Want To Change My Life" is a stand out here and easily one of my favorites. I never heard this gorgeous song before and was informed by Steven Hall himself  that he used to sing it with Arthur when they were a duo called The Sailboats.  Other songs covered here have slightly altered titles such as "Miracle 2" which is actually a new take on "In The Light Of the Miracle" and "Love Dancing" featured here which is a new version of his Loose Joint's "Is It All Over My Face".  This version is much slower paced yet still captures the brilliance of the original with Hercules Love Affair's singer Nomi on vocals delivering a more sultry seductive and nostalgic take on the original.  The whole album captures Arthur's complexities as an artist yet delivers a seamless sound that is truly Arhur's own  and proves right that his music will always be timeless.  Congratulations Arthur's Landing and thank you for continuing on with his beautiful legacy! This record is a must have for 2011!

Love Dancing - Arthur's Landing - Strut

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