Sunday, January 30, 2011

Walkin' The Line

What a weekend!  Celebrated my dear friend Coty's birthday and what a lovely time it was.  I got to play some tunes later in the evening and here is one that brought the house down.  "Walkin' The Line" by legendary Brass Construction.  This group was formed in Brooklyn, NY in 1968 by Randy Muller when entering a talent show during Junior High School.  They were originally know as Dynamic Soul and went on to record a string of hit singles and albums through to 1985.  Their single "Movin'" reached #1 on the dance charts in 1976.  Randy Muller who was the pianist/flautist and arranger of this group went on to score a number or R&B hits with Skyy.  Over the years, Brass Construction members have included Wade Williamston (bass), Sandy Billups (percussion), Morris Price (trumpet), Larry Payton (drums), Paul C Saenz (Guitar), Jesse Ward Jr. (saxophone), Michael "Micky" Grudge (saxophone), Wayne Parris (trumpet), Duane Cahill (trombone), Joseph Arthur Wong (guitar), and of course Randy Muller.  Their songs are timeless classics and have been sampled by many hip hop acts through out the years.  Featured here is "Walkin' The Line" from their 1983 LP Conversations.  It has been re-edited to stunning results.  This song has many unexpected twists and turns with such an amazing fusion  of '80s funk and free style.  I love the message of this song and of course dancing to this one!

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  1. What a sweet post. This one got us to move furniture to make room for the dance floor.