Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nga Nga (Love And Death)

Here is a recent discovery called "Love and Death"  from legendary Ghanaian composer, arranger, producer and guitarist who is considered together with Fela Kuti as the face of Afrobeat Ebo Taylor. According to my friend google, Taylor actually studied with Kuti from 1962 to 1965 at the Eric Guilder School of Music in London.  Soon after, Taylor became a fixture in Ghana's music scene becoming a major key in defining the West African sound.  Strut records has given the now 74-year old Taylor a chance to record another proper full-lenght, re imagining old standards and crafting original songs too backed by Berlin's Afrobeat Academy.   On Love And Death,  in place of the raw antiqued crackle of his vintage material,  here you have a glossed, digital sound scape for the same horn sections, noodling bass, keys, sunny guitars and aggressive drums. Taylor sticks with the style he played 40 years prior, singing both in English and the Akan dialect, in short complimentary phrases.  Although his voice my have aged, he retains the same vitality from the past.   Enjoy!

Love & Death

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