Thursday, January 27, 2011

Going Kaputt

Snow day in the city today and so far this is the best new release of 2011! This masterpiece is  the perfect antidote for those cold winter days and it's delivered by Canadian singer/poet/songwriter Dan Bejar.  Bejar has been on the scene since 1995 releasing interesting music meshing blues, folk and glam which has led him to be sporadically compared to David Bowie by sharing the same great songwriting and unique incorporation of  lyrics/vocals.   Kaputt is his ninth LP under the Destroyer moniker fusing spacey electronics to acid jazz inspired by the music of Bryan Ferry and Gil Evans.  There are so many great songs in this release that it was difficult to choose one and settled with the emblematic and gorgeous "Song For America".  Joined by Vancouver native Sibel Thrasher on vocals, whose vocals are used beautifully and consistently on this entire record.  "Song For America" is clearly his take on retro funk with amazing lines  like "winter, spring, summer, and fall, animals crawl towards death's embrace"and easily could be the catchiest song to date.  All nine tracks are stunning including the remarkable  "Suicide Demo for Kara Walker", "Downtown" and "Bay Of Pigs" to name a few.   It is evident the new revisionist movement of  80's soft rock, synth and jazz is gaining momentum and it will make an even bigger splash this year with bands such as Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti  fronting this new pop movement.  Personally, upon first listening, I thought of the late Malcolm McLaren during his Paris period and of course Neal Tenant from Pet Shop Boys.  This record left me speechless and I highly recommend it!

Song For America - Destroyer 

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