Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Miracles Club

I hope everyone had a great holidays and a happy New Year.  It's sort of bitter sweet to get back to the city and embrace the swing of things.  The time spent with family and friends was unforgettable and beautiful.  I'm happy to be back posting here and what a better way to ring the new year with an interesting new discovery.  The Miracles Club is a band that is hard to believe is from Portland, Oregon.  The have have come up with clever and  stellar tribute to old-school acid house!  This is clearly a love letter to 1989 with great authenticity using raw 909 sequences that never seem to sound obsolete.   Last year, they released their debut EP's  called Light Of Love and later followed by A New Love.  Stand outs are the peculiar covers of Marshall Jefferson's house classic "Jack Your Body" and Fingers Inc. "Can You Feel It".  Their original work is not to be dismissed here with the ethereal and sweet "Light Of Love" and the campy "Church Song" featured here.  The video is also a must see.  Click here to watch it.  You are in for a treat! It is intriguing how this band is crossing the lines between parody and homage.  The other song featured here is a psychedelic sounding song called "Chango (White Rainbow Mix)" filled with effective drones and wails on top of driving drum machines.  Welcome back 1989!  Enjoy!

Church Song - The Miracles Club - Mexican Summer

Chango (White Rainbow Mix) - The Miracles Club - Mexican Summer

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