Monday, January 17, 2011

Body & Soul MLK Jr. Weekend

It was time again to honor the life of Martin Luther King Jr. New York City style by going to the legendary Body & Soul at Webster Hall.  The party was stunning with the trio comprised of  legendary Joe Clausell, Francois K and Danny Krivit manning the turntables.  The music was exquisite with a blend of old school house and some classic disco.  Highlights were a sublime remix presented by Joe Clausell of Eddie Grant's "Timewarp"with a harmonica/bluesy break that lifted souls on that dance floor.  He actually remixed the original and added the break from "Nobody Got Time", a brilliant re-take of  the same song  by Timmy Regisford.    Also, disco classic "Boogie Wonderland" by Earth Wind & Fire brought the house down in the tradition  of B&S.  Danny Krivit dropped an exciting never heard of before, cinematic instrumental epic disco song.  I was also pleasantly surprised and taken by the early 00's house that was played with some forgotten yet amazing tracks making the evening memorable.  One such tune was Beth Orton's emblematic "Central Reservation"  elevating the song to  dance classic status.   So here is the Spiritual Life/Ibadan remix of "Central Reservation", an interesting live take of Eddy Grant's "Timewarp" from one of David Mancuso's loft parties plus Timmy Regisford's "Nobody Got Time" and "Earth Wind & Fire's classic "Boogie Wonderland" giving you  great time capsule of the event.  Enjoy!

Central Reservation (Spritual Life/Ibadan Remix) - Beth Orton

Timewarp (Live from David Mancuso's Loft) - Eddy Grant

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