Saturday, January 8, 2011


Here is another fierce house song to start the year.   This is a debut from Brighton's Maxxi Soundsystem released on Kojak label.  It is a fantastic deep and heavy rub of  R&B singer Alexander's O'Neal's late 80's "Criticize"from his LP Hearsay.  The original is totally '80s cheese yet still hold it's own by being O'Neal's biggest UK hit to date.  I couldn't resist to feature the original as well ,but it is the Maxxi Soundsystem version that is quite a treat by adding dub synths with an old school house vibe adding more of kick and power. If this version would have been released in 1987, it would have become a house classic.  Maxxi Soundsystem has been around for ten years rocking dance floors in their hometown re-editing a lot of the  tracks they play.  I have heard they are starting to release their own material!  Enjoy

Criticize - Maxxi Soundsytem - Kojak

Criticize (Original Remix) - Alexander O'Neal - Tabu

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