Thursday, January 13, 2011


Here is an amazingly rare track by the one and only Carly Simon.  According to my friend Wiki,  this song was one of a string of film-inspired singles from a less successful period in her career.  Following her much publicized break-down on stage in 1980 it was recorded for the movie Soup For One in 1982.  The movie flopped but the soundtrack was a success.  The song was produced by Bernard Edwards & Nile Rodgers of Chic fame.  This was a move away from the usual guitar-based hits of Simon's past, and many saw it  as an ill fated attempt at disco as musical tastes changed in the 80's.  However, the bittersweet reggae tinged ballad became quite a huge hit in Europe and the Paradise Garage here in New York City.  Larry Levan would play this version during the peak hours taking the dancers on a frenzy.  "Why" is centered  around the phrase "Why does your love, hurt so much?" and Simon sings perhaps one of her must heartfelt and yearning vocals to date on the track.  However, despite this sad subject matter, the song also became well known for its catchy refrain "La di-da, di-da".  In 1989 the song re-surfaced on the Ibiza "Hacienda" scene and cemented its status as a mellow classic.  Known for its bass-line and funky drums it was then that the growing hip-hop scene in the USA began to pick up and it was has been sampled by A Tribe Called Quest and Glamma Kid.  Also, Wham used to cover this song during various tours between 1984 and 1986. Talk about cross over!   Enjoy

Why (12" Paradise Garage Mix) - Carly Simon - WEA

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