Friday, May 7, 2010

Without You

" get you back into my life got to get you get you get you back...into my life..." It's 1987 and this was undeniable an urgent call "back" into the dance floor. Little it's known about this house music outfit except that it was mixed by house legend Timmy Regisford. Also, that this was a Paradise Garage classic that brought the house down, Larry Levan would play it late at night and I just can imagine what it did to the dancers on that famous sound system. My own experience with this song was being under aged and dancing to it at Cafe Lafitte in Exile (The oldest gay bar in the United States where Walt Whitman was once a patron) and then later at a place called House of Desire a short lived house music club off Bourbon Street, New Orleans. Talk about hardcore here! They also released two other amazing house gems, "Fallen" and "Love Fixation". This is house music children!

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