Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Intergalactic Love Song

This is a song by American jazz composer, organist, and saxophonist in the soul jazz tradition. Born in Philadelphia, he learned to play the saxophone in high school. During the seventies he released some amazing hard, simmering grooves that made him a favorite among the deejays and dancers and earned him the nickname "The Mighty Burner". Usually his grooves were played during the early evening set and/or during the early mornings in order to come down from the long hours of marathon disco dancing. This song is from his 1975 amazing LP titled Odyssey. The core of the groove here is the Arp, which he plays masterfully running from tight funky melodies to wilder outer spacier sounds. Most of his records were sophisticated, slick productions that embraced fusion of styles. In 1978, he officially hit the disco/club scene with a track called "Let The Music Play" and made the US charts for 5 weeks. Charles passed away in 1999 and released a total of 40 albums. His last album was Stomp! which was released in 2000. His music live on and will continue to inspire generations to come. Enjoy

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  1. Oh my god LOVED this one! Thanks darling!