Monday, May 10, 2010

New York City Rhythm

Happy Mothers Day and thank you to all the wonderful mothers for being what you are! It is days like today that make me miss my mother and wish I could live closer to her. In the middle of all this nostalgia, I hear a song like this one and something about it that heals my aching heart, even if it is temporally...."Oh yes, I live my life with strangers, and the danger's always there, but when I hit Broadway and it's time to play....It's the New York City rhythm runnin' thru my life, the poundin' beat of the city streets that keeps my dreams alive"....This song is from Barry Manilow's third album Tryin' To Get The Feeling. Released in the summer of '75, it raised the ante to double-platinum when the title tune hit the singles charts in the spring of 1976. Every tune in this LP is pure pop genius. It contains the #1 ballad "I Write The Songs", the beautiful written "Lay Me Down" and "Beautiful Music", the opening tune of American Bandstand "Bandstand Boogie" and many others not to miss here. "New York City Rhythm" became a New York anthem and it soared on the dance floors in the spring 1976, the city was broke and in debt, crime and unemployment was at it's highest and fear for worse was everywhere. Sound like a familiar scenario to now? However, this a song embraces the essence to this city and it can lift the spirits of anyone who lives here and shows how resilient we are! Enjoy!

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